Top 10 Types of Blog

Top 10 Types of Blog

By myclever™ Agency

Rich valuable content is key in creating an audience, especially when you’re trying to engage with your followers and fans on social media.

However, it’s easier said than done. Especially when you’re sat at a desk trying to think of the next big story that will leave your audience wanting more.

Well, in fact it can be easy. Take a look at my top 10 types of blog that will save you agonising pain and be very useful, entertaining and thoughtful to your readers.

How To

When you need a question answered or you want to know how to do something, what do you do? You Google it!

How to blogs and tutorials are perfect evergreen pieces because you’ll still receive page views months perhaps even years after first publishing it.

They’re perfect pieces that make you a necessity to the reader and if successful can turn you into the trustworthy ‘go to’ source in the future.

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X Vs. Y

This type of blog is great if you specialise in a certain field or have knowledge on a particular subject or topic.

X Vs. Y allows you to compare two different things to your readers. Usually including pros and cons for each and concluding with an outcome – this makes perfect reading for those who go to the web unsure as to which is the best product or service available.

For example ‘which is better, iPhone or Samsung?’

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Top Lists

Top 5, Top 10, Top 50, Top 100 – they all work! Lists must be the simplest and easiest blog to produce.

Pick a subject. Choose a number. Search. Make a list.

Everyone enjoys a list, mainly because it’s easy reading. If someone is undecided about something or unaware about certain products available, they can read your list to see what’s actually in the market and how others would rate them.

Check out our use of a Top List here


Online reviews are vital. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t look-up a hotel or resort online before choosing to spend their summer holiday there. Nor do I know anyone that wouldn’t look a product up online before splashing out big bucks.

Let’s face it, everybody wants to try before they buy and reviews make that possible. As fickle as it may be, a strangers review online can change your view on something within a second.

Reassurance makes for happy buyers – reviews are perfect for capturing an audience and like ‘How to’ blogs can make you a reliable source to go to in the future if written fairly and accurately.

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Latest News

Latest news is probably my go-to blog because it creates your idea and filling, leaving it up to you to just summarise and conclude.

When something breaks, it’s everywhere. Finding news about the latest news isn’t a hard chore.

Latest news is great as it shows your blog is real-time and up to date, plus it’s an easy one to type up when you’re short on time.

Check out our use of a Latest News blog here

Tips & Tricks

This type of blog is perfect for showing off your knowledge on a subject that you could recall in your sleep, but which might be unknown to others.

A tips and tricks also known as a cheat sheet is great content for those looking for an easier way to do something or who want to become a pro in a subject themselves.

Tips and tricks can extend into a series piece, while also being written at different levels such as for beginners or Intermediates.

Check out our use of a Tips & Tricks blog here


Great when you have niche readers.

It becomes a newsletter of everything that has been going on in your industry and is easy enough to skim read for items of interest.

Perfect when you’ve been attending an event or even when you haven’t – like our #SMWF Round-up: For those who were stuck at a desk blog.

Check out our use of a Round-up blog here


Not always easy to get but when you do, can create huge traction to page views.

Interviews are always best with industry leaders and thought provokers, but there’s no need to limit yourself – guest bloggers, people with an interest in your topic, strangers on the street or even your mum and dad can make for best reading!

It’s great to get the opinions of not just influencers but Joe Blogs on the street as they’re the most relatable to your readership.

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Working in a company, profiles can be a nifty touch to your content. Not only can they raise employee morale but can also be a chance to show off your companies fun side.

Profiling a staff member, influencer or even a celebrity is always fun – plus people are nosey, they love to know about other people!

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Thought Pieces

Thought pieces can take time, so make sure that before you commit you are prepared to see it out for the long haul. If you do then a thought piece can return great success.

However be prepared, not everyone has the same opinion as you, therefore you’ll most likely get someone opposing your ideas – take it as a compliment that someone has took the time to read your work, considered your ideas and actually commented on it.

It means you’re worth the read.

Check out our use of a Thought Piece blog here



What other types of blog do you use?

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