30 Great Resources, Websites & Podcasts for Developers 2014

30 Great Resources, Websites & Podcasts for Developers 2014

By Dan Davidson

If you’re a developer you’ll know that keeping up with the latest news in the world of technology can be difficult at times. It seems every week a new JavaScript framework is released, or that the thing which was considered cutting edge last week is suddenly old and crusty. It’s also hard to cut through the noise, so choosing good news sources is really important. Over the years I have come across several fantastic resources, websites and podcasts to help keep me informed, here are a few of my favourites.

News Websites

  1. A List ApartA List Apart explores design, development, and web content. It is an institution and often sets the standard for web standards and best practices. A Must read.
  2. Smashing Magazine. Smashing Magazine is a great place to go if you need some inspiration or want to learn something new, it is packed with useful and innovative information for both web designers and developers.
  3. Speckyboy. Speckyboy Design Magazine always seems to dig up a gem that I find on no other website, be it a new icon set, a new font, or just a really well written and interesting article.
  4. I Love Typography. A blog with a deep passion for all things type related.
  5. Designm.ag. A community-based website for web designers and developers, highly recommended.
  6. 456 Berea Street. Sadly I haven’t seen a post from this blog since November last year, but this was (and hopefully will be again) a great site for very focused best practice tips and examples.
  7. CSS Tricks. This blog was first started by Chris Coyier but now features many other authors. You will often find links to this website as the top result in Google for debugging issues.
  8. Lea Verou. A web standards expert, front-end engineer, web designer and speaker. Lea often writes on the topic of CSS and has showcased some mind-blowing creations over the years.
  9. Zeldman. Jeffrey Zeldman can be thanked for  moving the web away from table-based layouts, responsive design, and the use of real fonts.
  10. Naked Security. It’s essential to keep on top of security issues if you’re a developer, especially those relating to the language and stack you choose to develop on. Just as important to know is any general security issues and threats and Sophos’s blog is one of my favourites.

Tip: most of the above websites also have RSS feeds available, perfect if you use a feed reader.

User Submitted News/Subrredits

  1. Hacker News. First up we have the only non (sub)reddit link. Community discourse is known to be controversial at times on Hacker News, but the links and discussion submitted to Y Combinator’s news site remain one of the first things I check every day.
  2. /r/webdev. 60,496 readers frequent this subreddit and it is well moderated with great links.
  3. /r/css. 12,056 readers like to keep up to date with the latest in the world of Cascading Style Sheets.
  4. /r/javascript. 46,065 readers. JavaScript is really rather important on the web, definitely follow this subreddit.
  5. /r/jquery. 10,551 readers. This isn’t for everyone but if you do use jQuery then this subreddit is a very useful resource.
  6. /r/web_design. 102,416 readers. This Subbreddit is a must for any web developer/designer. Links to good articles and best practices, as well as user questions. Definitely sub this one.
  7. /r/git. 6,575 readers. Git is a distributed version control system used by millions.
  8. /r/commandline. 14,363 readers. It is becoming more and more essential as a developer to have some familiarity with the UNIX command line. This subreddit is always updated with useful tips and tricks.
  9. /r/vim or /r/emacs. Which you choose is up to you, but make sure you choose one!
  10. /r/php/r/python, /r/ruby/r/node/r/golang//r/dotnet. Whatever language(s) you programme (or want to learn to programme) in, following that languages subreddit is a great idea. I have often found people asking the same questions as me and it has been well answered by the community.

Bonus: sub or copy my web developer “multireddit” with all of the above subreddits included (and a few more) here.


Sadly there aren’t as many developer focused podcasts as I would like but those that do exist are really crucial to helping me stay up to date. Here are 10 of my favourite podcasts:

  1. Shop Talk. A podcast about front end web design, development and UX.
  2. The Big Web Show. This podcast features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more.
  3. JavaScript Jabber. A podcast all about JavaScript with guests and interviews.
  4. Ruby Rogues. From the same people that bring you JavaScript Jabber comes their Ruby focused podcast. Even if you don’t programme in Ruby, you might find this podcast interesting, they often discuss issues which are relevant to any language.
  5. The Web Ahead. This podcast usually takes on one topic and goes in deep. Fascinating interviews and discussions.
  6. Crypto-Gram Security Podcast. This is a monthly reading of Bruce Schneier’s Crypto-Gram Newsletter, very well read by Dan Henage.
  7. The Changelog. It’s important to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of open source, this podcast will help!
  8. Daily Stormcasts. The SANS Internet Storm Center is a daily podcast lasting around 5-10 minutes with all the latest internet security issues. A must listen if you do any sysadmin or devops.
  9. Coder Radio. More of a casual show, this show does often feature Q&A from listeners and generally offers good advice.
  10. GitMinutes. Yes, a podcast about git. Nonetheless this is a great, infrequent podcast with a different interview every week.

What About You?

Do you have any favourite news sources or podcasts? If so, please leave them in the comments (remembering not to spam!). Thanks!

This post was written by Dan Davidson

Dan is a Web Developer. He develops microsites and applications for brand campaigns.