How Colour Can Influence Brand Identity [Infographic]

How Colour Can Influence Brand Identity [Infographic]

By Steph Dowling

We all know different colours have different meanings, convey different feelings and stimulate different parts of our brain. So it makes sense that colour is such an important decision when designing a successful brand logo.

We’ve broken our infographic down to eight different colour representations:

Yellow: happiness, kind, playful

Orange: fun, energetic, creative

Red: adventurous, daring, exciting

Purple and Pink: imaginative, creative, youthful

Blue: established, confident, trust

Green: fresh, health, tranquil

Black & White: classic, original, authority

Multicolour: diverse, inclusive

Take a look at our colour guide below to see who is getting it right and how colour can influence your brand identity, including brands such as Nikon, MasterCard, RedBull, Aussie, Ford, Starbucks, MTV and ITV.

Colour-Infographic (1)

Over to you. How important do you think colour is in brand representation?

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This post was written by Steph Dowling

Steph's responsible for the design of artwork for our Social Media clients, working along side our in house campaign and technical managers.