Facebook F8 Developer Conference – 5 Key Takeaways in 5 Minutes or Less.

Facebook F8 Developer Conference – 5 Key Takeaways in 5 Minutes or Less.

By myclever™ Agency

There were an array of new programs and initiatives for developers announced at the Facebook F8 Developer Conference. Want to know more? Take a look at our 5 key takeaways that will take you no more than 5 minutes to read! Ready, set…GO!

Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network is probably the most significant announcement in terms of the direction of Facebook to come out of the conference. Audience Network extends Facebook advertising to third party apps. Zuckerberg recognises that is can be difficult to make money from mobile ads in an app because they are not directly tailored to your audience. What Audience Network claims to offer is an improved mobile advertising experience. Choose the format of ad that you want to use be it banner ads, interstitials or customisable native ads then Facebook uses its advertiser network to target your ad to people with whom it is most likely to resonate with. More significantly it can be seen to represent Facebook’s investment in the ‘Pay to Play’ mentality.

fb audience network

App Permissions

Facebook are improving the way Facebook apps handle access permissions. Users will now be able to decide what permissions they want to grant an app before they sign up. When you access an app you will see the info the app is asking for and you will also have the option to edit the info you provide. From this option you can select individual pieces of information that you would prefer not to share. Apps will also have to explicitly ask permission to post to your page, changes that are seemingly implemented in an attempt to build trust between Facebook users and the applications.

Anonymous login

Quite simply users can now login to apps without handing over their information as a way to find out if they want to use it or not. Don’t be too naive though anonymous login isn’t completely anonymous – Facebook will still know who you are – but the app developer won’t making users more comfortable logging in across different apps and devices.

App Links

App Links are Facebook’s attempt to make it easy for developers to link to other applications from their own apps. For example if a user is in Facebook’s messenger app and they click on a link to a photo that is hosted on Instagram, that link should take the user straight to that image in the native Instagram app instead of opening it up in a mobile browsing window. By using App Links, developers can add meta tags into their web pages in order to direct users to specific applications on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This announcement comes in an attempt to help developers move away from the tricky landscape of app-to-app linking.

Move Fast With Stable Infra

For a long time Facebook’s mantra for developers has been “Move Fast and Break Things” – a mantra that they have become famous for. What this meant is that it was so important to move quickly that a few bugs along the way were no big deal. Now, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to be a little bit more careful in getting things done right first time around. A company commitment to fix all major bugs within 48 hours was also announced, a bold pledge from a company with more than a billion users.

move fast

And breathe.

Over to you.

What do you think? How do you think these changes will effect your brand?

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