Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Pets at Home, Kenco, McDonalds and Macmillan

Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Pets at Home, Kenco, McDonalds and Macmillan

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Pets at Home – #MyPetMoments

Pets at Home launched a social media campaign earlier this year in celebrating owning a pet.

The brand received 13,000 entries after encouraging animal lovers to upload photos and videos of their pets with the hashtag #MyPetMoments.

The best clips were edited into a three-minute film, which was aired this month on TV and in 5 of their largest stores. The premier weekend also included face painters, pet goodie bags and a 10% discount voucher for the first 150 people into a Pets at Home store.

Kenco – #BrightenMyDay

Last week Kenco launched an online campaign with improv group, The Bright Tones, the 5-time sell-outs at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival as they sang the tweets from fans.

People were encouraged to tweet the brand about their day with the hashtag #BrightenMyDay, in return the group would sing fans tweets on a live stream.

Emily Woodward-Smith, brand manager at Kenco said: “We think the band represents the Kenco Millicano Sunlight Blend brilliantly – they will brighten everyone’s day instantly, just like the bright new flavours of the coffee itself,”

The campaign microsite also features the chance for fans to win an office encore by The Bright Tones.
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McDonalds – ‘Great Tastes of America’

McDonalds annual ‘Great Tastes of America’, which see’s 5 different burgers available over 5 weeks based on different cities in America, launched a new campaign app.

The site allows fans to mix different beats and loops representing the different cities of the featured burger each week.
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Macmillan – #TubeStrike

During the 48-hour tube strike Macmillan along with other charities and companies hijacked the hashtag.

With many commuters complaining about the disruption, Macmillan took to Twitter expressing how there were more important things in the world to worry about.

The charity tweeted ‘CLOSED lines: some tube lines in London. OPEN line: the Macmillan Support Line #tubestrike’

With Save The Children also catching on tweeting ‘By Thursday, this week’s #TubeStrike will be over. No-one knows when the disruption in #Syria will end.’
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