Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Wychwood Brewery, Moss Bros and Adidas

Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Wychwood Brewery, Moss Bros and Adidas

By myclever™ Agency

Our weekly series continues with Wychwood Brewery, Moss Bros and Adidas.

Wychwood Brewery – Wych Brew Are You?

Ahead of the European Elections last week, Oxfordshire based Wychwood Brewery held their own election to vote for the best beer.

Fans were encouraged to talk about their favourite beer using one of the following hashtags #BlackWych, #HobGoblin or #ImperialRed along with the Twitter handle @Hobgoblin_beer.

In return the beer with the most mentions will unlock different levels on their totaliser and give away prizes from t-shirts to cases of beer and medieval ale tankers – with more mentions equalling better prizes.

Their campaign site also gives fans the opportunity to download Facebook and Twitter banners to support their favourite beer along with the opportunity to take the ‘Wych Brew Are You’ personality quiz.

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Moss Bros – #LeaveItOutMum

The formal men’s attire brand, Moss Bros have launched a new campaign for summer proms with the hashtag #LeaveItOutMum.

The concept behind the campaign is that this year you don’t need mum sorting you out with a suit because Moss Bros have got your student proms covered.

Moss Bros are giving away theme park passes and gift cards with a Facebook app asking fans to like the page and pop the balloon for the chance to win.

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Adidas – Adidas Photo Print

Adidas collaborate with Instagram on a new app that will allow iOS and Android users customise their trainers using Instagram photos.

The app which plans to launch August 2014 is a revamp on the existing #miadidas that allows fans to customise their sneakers with set colours and prints. It follows a popular campaign earlier this year, which gave fans the opportunity to win a pair of Stan Smith shoes with their faces on.

The nature of Instagram’s filters and personalisation plans to be a huge success with Adidas releasing the announcement over the platform last week.

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Which is your favourite campaign?

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