Design Features Of The New Twitter Profile

Design Features Of The New Twitter Profile

By Nick Cullen

Last month Twitter unveiled a new design overhaul, which they were testing earlier this year. The Facebook-like design features that permanently launch later this month include:

• Larger profile photos: These are now 400 x 400 pixels.

• Twitter Header image: This is no longer viewed behind the profile image in the centre, now this banner spans the width of the page and sizes responsively at 1500 x 500 pixels.










• 3 column layout: Info/photos on the left , feed centre , trending on the right

• The tweets with the most engagement appear on the feed in a box.

• The ‘Pin to your profile page’ option allows any tweet to feature at the top of your stream, allowing brands to promote themselves more effectively.




• Any Photos tweeted will appear in the newsfeed automatically & larger than the previous version.

• Larger fonts: Tweets in the feed are now 13pt, popular tweets will show at 22.5

• Filter Option: Click between Tweets, Tweets & Replies


What are your thoughts on the new Twitter design?

This post was written by Nick Cullen

Nick's responsible for the design of artwork for our Social Media clients, working along side our in house campaign and technical managers.