Latest Snapchat Updates

Latest Snapchat Updates

By Danielle Wynne

Snapchat has made some interesting additions to the platform recently. After being hailed the next big thing for brands – check out our blog about brands on Snapchat – it appears they have included some updates that may sway brands to choose them to market with, instead of experimenting on as an afterthought. We’ve rounded up the latest additions to the platform for you to decide for yourself if it’s the next logical step for your social strategy.

Filters –

Obviously the one way to make your platform take off is to do a good old straight copy of those that are already successful –  platforms seem to have caught on quite quickly that we’re a vain bunch and a filter can make all the difference between a post or a delete and Snapchat seems to have caught on to this. They now offer 2 basic filters to add to your snapchats for that extra added narcissism…

They have also added in some extra displays when swiping right on the message screen – including the time, temperature and speed a user is moving at when they hit ‘send’ – how that would be useful in most situations remains to be seen but hey it’s there!

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Saving –

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A number of users’ main beef with Snapchat was that once they were sent, they were gone. Which, if you’re recording something particularly valuable for future generations (ahem) there was no way of retrieving it unless the reciever screenshots it for you. Snapchat have now introduced the option to save your snap before you share it, in theory becoming more attractive to more users.

Front facing flash –

In may not be a benefit to brands (unless your strategy includes selfies in caves or other dark places) but users will benefit from the introduction of the platform allowing flash on the front camera. And more users means more friends for fans, which can only be a good thing.

More best friends –

For a while you could only have 3 ‘best friends’ on Snapchat (there’s a little icon to let you know who yours is) but now that has been updated to the ability to have 5 or 7 ‘best friends’ which makes sending messages even easier.



The most interesting update to the platform is the introduction of image and video chat. This would be a real benefit to brands because of instead of throwing a message out as a story and hoping fans see it, they can directly target their friends with updates and get responses in real time.

What do you think of Snapchat’s new updates? Could this be of use to brands?



This post was written by Danielle Wynne

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