Social Media from the Frontline: Football Special with Swansea AFC

Social Media from the Frontline: Football Special with Swansea AFC

By myclever™ Agency

The football season may be over but with The 2014 World Cup, football fever is upon us! Therefore we give you a football special of our Frontline series with Juan Salguero from Swansea City AFC. The premiership team finished 12th in the league table last season above West Ham and Sunderland, however they finished on top in the social league with the biggest social media growth in the Premier League.

NAME: Juan Salguero

COMPANY: Swansea City AFC

ROLE: Marketing & Communication


TWITTER HANDLE: @JuanmaSalguero

TWITTER WORK HANDLE: @swansofficial



Tell us about yourself and your role within Swansea City AFC:
I was born in Spain, where I worked for a high profile agency in Seville before moving to the UK and taking up a position at Swansea City AFC. I’ve been there for a year and as part of a team I am responsible for strategy planning, analysis and content creation. It is a very exciting role although highly dependent on the player’s performance on the pitch.

How does Swansea City AFC approach social media/where’s the main focus?
At the moment we are very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Our main goal is to increase the engagement of fans throughout these platforms and convert all the social followers into Swansea City supporters. During this season, we have been experiencing a huge growth in all of our channels and our biggest social achievement this 13/14 season is being the club with the highest Facebook and twitter growth in the Premier League.
We try to know as much as possible about our audience and let them shape the type of content that they want to see.

What social media platforms work best for Swansea City AFC ?
Nowadays Facebook and Twitter are working very well with 630K likes on Facebook and 230K followers on Twitter, so these platforms are crucial in order to drive traffic to our website. However, Instagram and YouTube are gaining followers constantly therefore we want to capture the benefits of these platforms also. This is certainly the objective for next season’s social strategy.

Do you think social media has had an impact on football?
From the fans-club relationship perspective, the impact is huge. Social Media has allowed fans to gain an insight into their favourite football clubs, players and see how all these work. The same for the clubs: we know more about the fans and it helps us to gain more supporters around the world.
From the commercial point of view, social media is having a positive impact on the clubs. Due to our large number of social followers, sponsors want to be involved in social media communications, which is brilliant for us.

Do you have any social media tips you’d like to pass on to our readers?
Try to know your audience as much as possible and do not be afraid of trying new ideas and of course… try to state up to date!

What’s your World Cup prediction?
Obviously I have Spanish roots, however after their defeat I’d have to say Brazil. However in my opinion they’re not playing very well at the moment but I think they will manage to win at home.


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