Social Media from the Frontline: Simon Miles of Coca-Cola Enterprises

Social Media from the Frontline: Simon Miles of Coca-Cola Enterprises

By myclever™ Agency

We present the latest instalment in our Social Media from the Frontline series and we do not fail to impress! Now if there is anyone who knows their brand 100% then that someone is Simon Miles at Coca-Cola Enterprises, from Head of Planning to Shopper Marketing and Associate Director, Simon is now The Director of Digital and talks us through how Coca-Cola Enterprises approach social media, along with some tips and hints.

NAME: Simon Miles

COMPANY: Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

ROLE: Digital Director




PERSONAL BLOG URL: The Milesington Post




Tell us about yourself and your role within Coca-Cola Enterprises:

My background is firmly in marketing. In my current role as digital director at Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), I’m responsible for driving online sales across the company’s varied customer base. In addition, I’m tasked with delivering innovation in digital shopper marketing across all phases of the path to purchase and beyond to CRM.

I joined CCE in 2006, and have held various roles, including Business Planning Controller, Head of Planning, Associate Director – Shopper Marketing and Associate Director – Grocery, so I’m fully immersed in the business!


How does Coca-Cola Enterprises approach social media/ where’s the main focus?

We need to ensure that the brand, which has so much heritage, can stay relevant in the modern world. This places great importance on social and means that we integrate it into all marketing activity.

The backbone of our strategy is to provide content to our retail partners, activating opportunities online to complement the theatre created in-store. A recent example of this was our World Cup Trophy Tour. We produced exclusive content for ASDA’s Facebook page, offering shoppers the chance to come and see the World Cup at ASDA Eastlands.

Social gives us the perfect opportunity to take the loyalty conversation away from price, using customer experiences and content to drive brand loyalty instead.


What social media platforms work best for Coca-Cola Enterprises?

Twitter and Facebook are the key ones from a corporate perspective but we work hard with our customers to provide inspiring and relevant brand related content to our shoppers. This will usually take the form of more themed-based content. Therefore we can relevantly engage with shoppers who are looking for inspiration and ideas to liven up their shopping trips!


Do you have any social media tips you’d like to pass on to our readers?

I think it’s all about relevance and context. I see lots of brands trying to engage with me on social media but the only ones I ever give the time of day to are the ones who understand when I’m more open to their content, rather than having them force themselves on me because its right for them. I think this works the same for brands trying to reach out to their audience. What you’re trying to sell or promote, does it have value to your public?


Where do you think social media is going? Do you have any predictions?

That’s a tricky one! It’s very hard to predict with any certainty but it feels like social media is becoming the primary media for news and engagement and so is moving from something which is either new or niche to the norm and therefore repositioning all other forms of media. If you want to exist on any scale in the future my guess is that social media will be the focal point, more immediate, more visual and more mobile.


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