Monkey Business: Twitter Hashtag Fails

Monkey Business: Twitter Hashtag Fails

By myclever™ Agency

Twitter is filled with the use of hashtags and sometimes people don’t quite understand the best use of them… So lets look at some of the most cringe worthy # fails!

#JustInnapropriate …

Nancy grace was the host of an American TV show that was “justice themed”, but she quickly became famous for some of her tweets that may have crossed the line from informing to just inappropriate. There have been numerous tweets from Nancy that I could have included in this article in-fact Buzzfeed has an article on Nancy’s 15 Worst Twitter #. But let’s just take a look at a few…

Now essentially there is nothing wrong with these hashtags, they are short, to the point and it allows Nancy to see the people talking about her story, however, maybe slightly more consideration could be taken when talking about such morbid news articles.


So you run a business and you want to know what your customers think about you? Well that’s exactly what some businesses thought they would do including the business giant McDonalds, however, McDonalds forgot one fatal issue with this plan… Twitter users are mean! McDonalds released the tag #McDStories and it got hijacked!
McDonalds realised that you can not control twitter and if users decide they want to use your tag for a different reason there is nothing stopping them. The twitter masses then applied the use of this hashtag to tell McDonalds their horror stories and bad experiences from the restaurant


Now the title of this section is what were you thinking as I’m struggling to define how this hashtag went so badly wrong… Susan Boyle’s PR team released a tweet about her album party… however it couldn’t of been put together in a worse way producing the tag #Susanalbumparty….
Lets just say without the use of the capital letters to show new words the twitter public were left sniggering and many users found themselves creating amusing memes about this tweet. Needless to say this tweet was removed in under an hour but it was still enough time to leave a lasting memory in the twitter world.

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