Importance of 404 Pages

Importance of 404 Pages

By myclever™ Agency

Everyone knows mistakes can happen and when browsing the internet all users dread the infamous 404 Error page! However, today some websites have made the 404 page a chance to show off some design flair or creativity. In this blog we are going to look at some tips on how to engage a user when they hit your 404 page and make the page not so scary.

Add in some emotion

Most of the time when we hit a 404 page we get some automated response that has clearly been created for every type of situation, however, by showing some emotion in the response page you are already giving the user a better user experience than that standard error message. Now emotion may not just mean saying sorry, it may mean adding a little bit of humour into the situation.


Admit there has been a mistake

Now it may not be your fault that a user can not navigate your website properly or types in the wrong URL but even so a quick apology will always reassure a user.

Starbucks 404

Give them enough information

So a user has hit a 404 page on your website, what now? They were obviously looking for something on your website so you need to make sure you are giving them some links that could be related to what they were looking for or at least a link back to the home page.

MailChimp 404

Keep it consistant

It’s important that if a user hits your 404 page they still recognise the website, so make sure when you are designing your 404 page you try to keep the same or similar layout and colour scheme to that which is used in the rest of the website.

Lego 404

My Top 5 404 Pages

Blue Fountain Media lets you play pac man!

Blue Fountain Media 404

Blizzard Entertainment looks literally broken!

Blizzard 404

Disney 404 page has a suspicious looking Stitch…

Disney 404

O2 404 and their cat dog.

O2 404

Git hub 404 is a force to be reckoned with!

Git Hub 404

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