Introducing Facebook Mentions

Introducing Facebook Mentions

By Liam Foy

Another day, another new Facebook feature. This time it’s Facebook Mentions.

Facebook are capitalising on the millions of people who are connected to public figures as well as engaging with events, musicians, actors and other influencers. The iOS app makes it easier for those influential people, who have been mentioned, to interact with the fans – a two way conversation. If you’re lucky enough to be an influencer, here’s what the app will let you do:

Join in a two-way conversation with your fans – Participate in conversations with people who are mentioning you.


Share your story – Updates, photos, videos and host live Q&As.


Join popular conversations – Discovering what is trending and being able to contribute.


Streamlined notifications – Receive notifications of which other influencers are mentioning you as well as the media.


Surely there’s a catch to this….yes is the simple answer. At the moment the app is only available to people who have verified Facebook page in the US. If you manage a page that’s a verified you’re able to request access to mentions.
Images source: Facebook Newsroom

This post was written by Liam Foy

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