Photoshop Tutorial: The Power of the Eraser Tool

Photoshop Tutorial: The Power of the Eraser Tool

By myclever™ Agency

People often think that you have to be a creative wizard (like me) to design nice artwork. Using one tool in photoshop I will show you how you can create contemporary and eye catching designs that will impress with minimum effort.

Step 1

Find at least two contrasting high quality images (I am using 3 for this design).


Step 2

Reduce the saturation of your images to 0% or just select Grayscale. To do this simply click Image then select adjustments from the drop down menu before choosing Hue/saturation. From this screen  move the slider all the way to the left until it is at 0%. Your image should now look a little like this:


Step 3

I have chosen to remove the hair because i am going to add a feature in its place. Remove any aspect you yourself would like to alter or replace but always keep a duplicate original image just in case. To do this select the eraser tool from the left-hand tool bar. With the eraser selected, carefully draw over the area that you would like to remove.




Step 4

Add your second image, I have chosen a magpie, and reduce the opacity to between 20% and 30% so you can see your primary image. To do this use the slider in the right tool bar to change your opacity. Erase the sections you would not like to keep using the feathered Eraser by right clicking with the eraser tool active and use the slider to change the size of your eraser, selecting feathered style. For this image I have chosen to remove a section of the magpies body and add it to the dancers torso.



Step 5

By increasing your Opacity back to 100% you will reveal the element you have altered and you can then refine until satisfied.


Step 6

Add your additional image (I have chosen a Crow) and repeat step 4. I have chosen to use the wings as a main feature to this piece so I will be erasing everything but the wings, again only using the eraser tool.



Step 7

Repeat step 5. Increase your Opacity back to 100% to reveal the element you have altered and refine until satisfied.


Step 8

I have added the original magpie image again to use a different element of the image. Once again repeat step 4. I want to use the Magpie’s head as another main feature to compliment the dancer.



Step 9

Repeat step 5 until satisfied.


Step 10

I have duplicated my primary image to bring the dancers arm to the front of the design.


Step 11

Using the eraser I have cut out the dancers arm and moved the layer to the top .


Step 12

Refine and erase any outstanding areas you do not want on your design. I have also added text for that extra dimension.



Remember it’s not always what you put into a design, it’s what you take away.


Over to you

What do you think? Why not have a go and show us your eraser tool wizardry?!

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