Twitter Q2 Report – A Story of Positive Growth and Video Content

Twitter Q2 Report – A Story of Positive Growth and Video Content

By myclever™ Agency

Twitter has reported on its past three months with its Q2 2014 earnings announcement. In addition to what was a financially-strong quarter for the social network CFO Anthony Noto also hinted at the site’s upcoming online video plans.

But first, the numbers:

The Numbers

16 million monthly active users

Twitter has added this many users who have logged in at least once, the highest total from the previous 5 periods brining the total number of monthly active users to 271 million. This number is still relatively low in comparison to their neighbours over at Facebook who have added around 40 million monthly users last quarter and now sits pretty at 1.32 billion users. However, though modest Twitters numbers may be they still demonstrate a 6.2% user growth in a positive trend that can be seen to build on the 5.8% and 3.87% growth over the previous two quarters.

$312.2 million in revenue

The release of Twitter’s new advertising units including the mobile app-install ad seems to have paid dividends with mobile advertising revenue making up more than 81% of total ad sales. The company more than doubled the year-ago figure of $139.3 million defying the analyst consensus estimate of $283.1 million.

$144.6 million loss

Believe it or not Twitter is still largely unprofitable with the company choosing to focus on user growth as it continues to build out its business. As the ad platform continues to improve we can tentatively expect this figure to become more positive.

173 billion timeline views

This platform specific metric offers little in comparison to other social networks. This self-invented metric measures the number of times users refresh their content feed across all devices. This numbers demonstrates a 10% increase from the previous quarter, which is likely to have been assisted by the World Cup traffic.

35% stock-price jump

Twitter’s stock is soaring by more than 35% as the company over achieves estimates for profit, revenue and user growth. Twitter’s stock is now trading at over $50 meaning that it has rose above its first-day trading price of $44.90 and marks a significant turnaround from 3 months ago after poor first quarter earning saw a massive decline.

The Future of Video on Twitter

New CFO Anthony Noto has explained that we can expect a big launch in the coming months.

“In August, we will launch the beta version of our new promoted video offering which provides a way for high quality content producers and brands to easily upload, share and measure the distribution and effectiveness of their video content on Twitter,”

The promoted video offering is likely to signal a larger online video presence for Twitter as it attempts to entice top online content creators onto its platform.

As it stands brands and publishers can promote video through the site’s Amplify service and video ads have been tested as a way to monetize content on the site. The new service can be expected to build on the existing infrastructure but if Noto is true to his word then we can expect to learn the specifics some time in the next month.

Over to you.

What do you think about the Twitter Q2 Report? How will you utilise video content on the site?

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