Do it for the Vine: Top 10 Tips

Do it for the Vine: Top 10 Tips

By myclever™ Agency

Over the past 12 months Vine has skyrocketed in popularity. With talented Viners continuing to push the creative boundaries and the emergence of Vine celebrities the platform has received a nod of recognition from major brands as they attempt to take advantage of the 6 second video network to deliver their brand message. Across social media video is becoming more and more prevalent so if you are looking for some tips to help you master Vine then you have come to the right place. Check out my 10 top tips!

Visualise the final product

It’s time to set your brain to Vine Mode. Before you begin shooting you should have a clear idea of how your story will pan out and how it will look on Vine. If you see something cool ask yourself “How can this be captured on Vine?” Use the techniques and effects on offer to tell your story creatively. Remember you only have 6 seconds to say what you want to say so make every second count.

Take advantage of the infinite loop

The infinite loop should be your best friend. The time limit is Vine’s biggest restriction but it is also its greatest strength as it forces uses to value every second and maximize their creativity. So what happens when you take an awesome idea and seamlessly loop it from end back to beginning, on and on and on. It gets even more awesome! When planning your video think about how it begins, how it will end and how you can merge the two into one looping video of awesome.

Invest in a tripod

This is absolutely crucial if you want to start producing Vine as part of your social media strategy. In order to maximize some of Vines other features such as the ghost mode then you really need a tripod. Stop motion is one of the most popular Vine video effects and without a tripod this just isn’t possible. You can find lots of cheap solutions online but if you want an affordable product that is sturdy, portable and flexible then take a look at Gorillapod by Joby. It also looks cool for the vain videographers out there.

Use the grid feature

Vine offers a built in grid feature that is a really valuable asset when it comes to the framing and composition of your shot. Do a little homework before you begin and read up on basic video composition such as the rule of thirds. This small thought can greatly improve your audience’s ability to easily consume and enjoy your hard work.

Think about lighting

When setting up your shot you should be mindful of how the light is hitting your subject. Pay attention to where the light is coming from and how strong it is. If the light is coming from behind the subject then the subject will either be really dark or have a blown out background. Likewise you should avoid strong sunlight in the foreground as this can wash out the subject completely. Find the balance by taking your video indoors and positioning a lamp or studio lighting to create the right light for your video.

Don’t forget the sound

Vine is very limited when it comes to audio. The majority of the time your phone will pick up your voice fairly easily along with any background track. However, if you’re recording a stop motion video then there is no real way to achieve an uninterrupted soundtrack. Be aware of any background noise and avoid playing music while you shoot as you will end up with a disjointed soundtrack.

Use the ghost feature

Probably the coolest and most useful feature of Vine is ghost mode. Ghost mode lets you view a transparent snapshot of where you left off with your video so you can line it up (or move it) before progressing to the next frame or transition.

Take your time

Just because time is of the essence doesn’t mean that you have to rush. Invest time in planning before you begin and once your project is under way take breaks between frames to consider your next move or to steady your hand and give you trigger finger a rest!

Unleash your creativity

On Vine, creativity is King, Queen and Court Jester. Have fun! Vine is all about entertaining whether it be through humour, magic, or production. Think about how you can ‘wow’ your fans be it through clever animation or a simple infinite loop. Follow other viners for inspiration and let images spark your own creativity by challenging yourself with the question “How can I tell this story on Vine?”

So what are you waiting for? Go on, do it, do it, do it for the Vine.

Over to you.

What do you think? What are your top tips for Vine?

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