How to Generate Content Ideas When You’re Totally Stumped

How to Generate Content Ideas When You’re Totally Stumped

By Danielle Wynne

Some days the thought of creating content ideas for a social channel and making it truly creative seems daunting. This is especially difficult if you’re stuck in a rut and use the same post ideas over and over again. To help you out we’ve collated some of the best ideas to get you inspired and thinking creatively!


If you’re in the business of creating, reading everything you come across should come naturally, the smallest phrase can lead to a good tangent, so even if it’s a cereal box – read it!

Create feeds

Create Facebook and Twitter lists to categorise the accounts you follow, if your mind is wandering off in the wrong direction next time you’re having a brainstorm, a recent post from one of your favourite accounts could spark a stroke of genius.

Get the pen and paper out

Getting away from a screen for a while can make the world of difference. Using a good old fashioned notebook and pen means you’re less likely to feel confined by what is and isn’t possible and will concentrate more on what you can imagine – then work backwards from there!

Take breaks

There’s nothing more frustrating then a useless brainstorming session, if you’re struggling then move onto something else and revisit it after an hour or so – and books are sometimes good inspiration!

Get your fans to do the work

Offer prizes for good submissions, ideas or even captions for a photo. If you haven’t got the capital for a prize then asking the right questions can not only generate engagement, you can also re-purpose that for another post further down the line (just remember to credit your fan).

Reuse, recycle

Re-sharing successful past blogs posts or even popular brand photos can regenerate a lot of interest. If you don’t have that kind of collateral then taking your topic and researching the history of it or thinking of the future can generate some great ideas. Throwing in a good #TBT can fill a particularly tricky Thursday too…

Sharing is caring

At the end of the day, a group brainstorm is, none-surprisingly, often a lot more productive and successful than banging your head against a wall alone!

Over to you

What do you think? Do you have any tips to add?

This post was written by Danielle Wynne

As one of myclever™ Agency's Content Managers, Danielle's role is key to helping ensure client's communities, content and blogs thrive.