How Taco Bell Achieved Instagram Greatness and How You Can Too

How Taco Bell Achieved Instagram Greatness and How You Can Too

By myclever™ Agency

Instagram have recently announced some successful metrics regarding Instagram ads for recent campaigns by Taco Bell and Chobani Yoghurt.

Fast food chain Taco Bell has established quite the reputation on social as it fully embraces Instagram and Vine to provide fans with funny (as well as mouth-watering) content.

Taco Bell reported reaching 12.5 million 18-44-year-olds in the United States over a four-week period following their recent Instagram ad campaign.

The campaign, which saw the brand’s creative team create a series of sponsored photos depicting breakfast scenes with friends – each image capturing the brand’s fun, youthful and free-spirited nature – saw a 29-point incremental lift in ad recall for people who were repeatedly exposed to the images.

This is nearly four times higher than the control group and nearly five times higher than Nielsen’s average for online advertising.

The brand were selected for this trial as Instagram begins to roll out advertising to some of the most entertaining brands on the platform.

So how did Taco Bell achieve Instagram Greatness? And how can you mirror this success?

Well, if you take a quick look at Taco Bell’s content, not only do they showcase their product with a bucket-load of originality, they also portray a free-spirited lifestyle that their fans can relate to, using lifestyle imagery and videos to engage their audience.
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Top 5 Tips For Instagram


Don’t overbrand

Resist the temptation to plaster your brand logo on every image you post. Instead craft your images to represent your brand free of any logos.

Take a tip or two from your fans

Look at what you fans are doing and lean in to these trends. For example, people tend to photograph their food from the vantage point of the eater. Replicate these trends and make it easy for your fans to relate to these images and imagine them as their own.
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Keep it real

Your images should look natural and unintrusive in your fans timeline so avoid overly professional photography. Instead, spend more time contemplating the composition of your shot and how you can showcase your product in new, and interesting ways.

Tap in to hashtags

Hashtags can help guide people to your content who may have not seen it previously. For example, #foodporn is one of the most popular hashtags with over 36 million posts tagged with this phrase, however, just because it can improve reach you should avoid using confusing or irrelevant hashtags.

Experiment with video

Instagram video and the new Hyperlapse app present you with a whole new world of creative opportunities. Don’t underestimate the value of a well planned-out video.

Over to you.

What do you think? What are your top tips for Instagram?

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