Are Your Page Posts Too Pushy? Facebook Moves to Favour Quality Content

Are Your Page Posts Too Pushy? Facebook Moves to Favour Quality Content

By myclever™ Agency

Content is king. Any great campaign has to produce consistently engaging content to attract and keep an audience that is interested in whatever you’re promoting.

With this in mind, Facebook has announced that it is looking to reduce the number of posts in your News Feed that feel too promotional, in response to hundreds of thousands of its users saying that  they’re fed up of them. They don’t want their News Feed to feel like it’s trying to tell them what to buy, watch, or do.

Facebook promoted posts too pushy

“Hey, you! Join the navy!”

Surveying 500,000 users recently, Facebook found, unsurprisingly, that people want to see more news stories from their friends and the Pages they care about, and less “promotional content”.

News Feed does control the number of ads we see, as well as the quality of those ads (based on what is receiving engagement, shares, being hidden etc). So how are these overly pushy posts saturating users’ tolerance?

Promoted posts from the Pages you follow are not as carefully controlled by News Feed. This means a page can promote any post they want you to see, regardless of the quality of the content. This has led to posts that push you to buy products/download apps or to enter sweepstakes and promotions, or posts that reuse the same content as ads. Below are two examples.

Is this Promoted post too pushy?Is this Promoted post too pushy?

Both of these examples from Facebook qualify as being too promotional because they call on the reader to buy a product or watch a television show, without offering any value to the user.

From January 2015, Facebook is planning to bring in volume and content controls for these promoted posts, with the intention of reducing the amount of posts on your News Feed that feel overly promotional. Pages that post a lot of content like above “will see a significant decrease in distribution.” However, they state that “the majority of Pages will not be impacted by this change.”

As competition for space continues to increase, Facebook is not about to start serving any more ads to your News Feed. Nor will your Like ads, and who they target, be affected. They aren’t the problem.

Instead, Facebook will get more selective about the content it does show you. This means that your promoted posts need to be more engaging through the content they present. As Jon Loomer puts it, this will “force marketers to be better. They’ll have no choice but to be interesting, to educate or entertain. They can’t just sell all day long.” It’s as simple as that.

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What do you think? Is this going to change your Facebook marketing strategy?

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