Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – TGI Friday’s, Get Covered Illinois and Check One Two

Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – TGI Friday’s, Get Covered Illinois and Check One Two

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round-up series we look at clever campaigns from TGI Friday’s, Get Covered Illinois and Check One Two.

 TGI Friday – #togethermas

TGI Friday’s UK are launching a unique dining experience this holiday season. Responding to the statistic that apparently 50% of adults have never kissed under mistletoe, the quadcopter drone is giving diners the chance to do just that. With the intention of bringing people together this Christmas, the drone will be piloted by staff members who will target couples at their discretion.

See the drone in action for yourself.

Get Covered Illinois – Luck Plan

Get Covered Illinois are making light of the fact that 1 in 4 ‘millennials’ in the US doesn’t have health insurance, with the Luck Plan campaign. The video below demonstrates the effective healing powers of bubble-wrap neck braces and cardboard casts.

The tag line, “You’ll be okay, probably,”  addresses the obstacles facing those who don’t like paperwork, or hassle, or being treated when they’re sick and/or injured. Anyone who clicks through to the Luck Plan website can get a quote too.

How apt.

Their intention is to convince more 20-30 year olds to get a health insurance plan, by raising awareness of the financial aid available.

Check One Two – #feelingnuts

Brothers Simon and Andrew Salter and Simon and Phil Tucker founded the Check One Two movement in 2012 to encourage men to check themselves for testicular cancer more regularly.

Well, are you #feelingnuts?

The #feelingnuts campaign leverages comedians and celebrities to raise awareness in young men (and women). Their twitter feature, Crotch-Grabs, shares photos of users grabbing their crotches while tagging their mates to do the same. All of this is aimed at removing the stigma attached to getting your nuts checked.

Over to you.

What do you think? Have you spotted any good campaigns?

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