Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Apple, BMW and LinkedIn

Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Apple, BMW and LinkedIn

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round-up series we look at clever campaigns from Apple, BMW and LinkedIn.

Apple – The Song

Steering away from their typical “The product is the hero” mentality, Apple’s 2014 Christmas advert follows in the footsteps of their 2013 advert by putting the focus on the people that use their devices. The video (below) shows an Apple user making the most of her modern, cutting-edge technology to create a unique present for her grandmother – sampling a song recorded by Grandma on a Voice-O-Graph vinyl. The homage to what was once a leading tech innovation brings together generations of Apple fans with a touching and personal TV spot.

BMW – SnowChat

BMW have targeted the short attention spans of their newest generation of customers with the seasonal SnowChat campaign. Their microsite features a snow-covered BMW windshield, which you can draw on as if it were real by clicking and dragging your mouse or finger over the screen. This image can be shared with friends across Facebook and Twitter in an image that lasts only five seconds – much like Snapchat.

BMW SnowChat Clever Campaigns

LinkedIn – Bryan Mills

Leading up to the release of Taken 3, LinkedIn have joined forces with 20th Century Fox to create a unique and fun campaign. Liam Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, has his own profile and will be endorsing the “particular set of skills” of a lucky winner on LinkedIn. In order to win, users must submit a similar resume of invaluable skills that might aid Mills in his search for revenge! The prize, a personalised video from Neeson in character, will be a huge badge of pride for the winner, perhaps justifying why this new release promotion is focusing its efforts on this unlikely platform.

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