Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Spotify, Tumblr and Twitter

Last Week’s Clever Campaigns – Spotify, Tumblr and Twitter

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round-up series we look at clever “Year in Review” social media campaigns from Spotify, Tumblr and Twitter.

Spotify – My Year In Music

Music streaming service Spotify kicked off last week with the release of its Year In Music microsite.

By logging in to your account, the app brings up your 2014 listening habits in a custom infographic. It will tell you your favourite genres, top artist, album and playlist, your top ten tracks, seasonal favourites and even total minutes listened.

After taking you through your highlights, it offer to use your data to suggest a playlist for 2015 of songs their algorithm thinks you will enjoy. Of course, the site has the usual widgets to share your results and the app itself across your social media channels.

Here are some of Joe’s insights:

LWCC spotify 3

LWCC SPotify 2

Last Week's Clever Campaigns - Spotify Year In Review

Tumblr – Year In Review

The increasingly popular blogging platform has once again published an annual review of what was hot across their 214.7 million blogs. Posts were divided into categories covering the usual music, film, television, sports and politics, to the more niche topics like memes, pretty colours, 3d printing, street art and GIFs. Users can Love and Reblog the entire list per category, or click through and see posts tagged  under each heading.

Last Week's Clever Campaigns - Tumblr Year In Review

Twitter – #YearInReview

Twitter’s year in review microsite, much like Tumblr’s, isn’t personalised but reflects the hash tag habits of it’s 284 million active users in general. The infographic displays what moments trended each month, with the bigger topics represented by bigger circles. The obvious winners include #WorldCup, #Oscars, #Sochi2014 and #UmbrellaRevolution. All of these bubbles click through to examples of the moments in action. This list can be refined by categories relevant to you. You can also view moments and timelines from the perspective of select individuals, i.e. Gary Lineker, JK Rowling, and Lady Gaga.

Last Week's Clever Campaigns - Twitter Year In Review

You can also view previous years’ reviews and share the app through your own twitter handle.

Over to you.

What do you think? Have you spotted any good campaigns?

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