Last Week’s Clever Campaign – Weetabuddies

Last Week’s Clever Campaign – Weetabuddies

By myclever™ Agency

In our new-look weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Weetabix’s Weetabuddies social media campaign.


Weetabix is a healthy breakfast cereal produced by Weetabix Limited, founded in the UK. Despite being considered a healthy option, the company has targeted younger audiences in the past – the 1980s skin heads TV ads for example – but are primarily a product bought by and for adults.

The brand has 14,100 followers on Twitter, 372,850 fans on Facebook and 1,260 YouTube subscribers.


With the Weetabuddies campaign, Weetabix are hoping to encourage healthy eating with significantly younger people.

Weetabuddies is designed to bring excitement to breakfast time, introducing kids to nutritious foods in a fun and creative way. The campaign centres around using fruits, yoghurts and nuts to transform Weetabix biscuits into the Weetabuddies in question; friendly faces that are packed full of healthy flavour.

Claire Canty, senior brand manager at Weetabix, says that:

“By helping families to get creative and encouraging them to make their own Weetabuddies, we hope that kids will be reminded that a bowl of Weetabix is a lot of fun, while mum can be reassured that they are still getting a delicious and nutritious breakfast, helping us to encourage a whole new generation to fall in love with Weetabix as a result.”

The £5.5 million cross-platform campaign combines television adverts and on-package activities with social media integration and outreach to specific influencers – namely mummy bloggers.


Weetabuddies Mentions

Since the campaign began in December, there have been 208 mentions of #Weetabuddies online. With 18% positive (and no negative) mentions, this campaign has achieved a solid level of positive sentiment among the audience, with the majority of mentions occurring on Twitter.


Weetabuddies Microsite

The branded microsite invites people to upload pictures of their own Weetabuddies, with the daily prize of a Weetabuddy creator kit incentivising not only entries but healthy eating and further product purchase.

The full playlist of TV ads, which can be found here, has amassed a total of 3,682 views since it was uploaded in December. As well as the TV spots, the brand’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels all feature profile imagery in line with the campaign. Their Facebook account goes as far as to use the cover image to showcase a Weetabuddy of the Week:

Weetabuddies Facebook

For the most part, this campaign relies on user generated content as this acts to encourage more people to crate and share their Weetabuddies.

As the intent is to engage young children on social media, the home made appearance and camera quality is essential to making the content relatable and shareable. The brand’s Twitter is engaging people who submit their own Weetabuddies, as well as connecting with other platforms like Vine to display some more of their own home made attempts:

The hashtag has 59 images on Instagram, a combination of people’s photos and videos:

Weetabuddies Instagram


As a campaign, Weetabuddies adds value to parents conscious about the dietary choices their children make but creating a fun and interactive way to discover healthy eating. For the brand, it also creates a brand affiliation from a very early age. The children who enjoy the Weetabuddies they make and submit to the gallery will continue to choose Weetabix as they continue to grow.

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