Monitoring Social Media Mentions – Gumtree & Celebrity Big Brother

Monitoring Social Media Mentions – Gumtree & Celebrity Big Brother

By myclever™ Agency

Gumtree are sponsoring Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

For Channel 5, Celebrity Big Brother is the largest show of their January schedule. Each show is expected to pull in an audience of 3-4 million viewers.

To bring their brand to the show, Gumtree – the UK’s top classifieds website – have used real listings to furnish the house, including the chaise longue and tea set below.

CBB Furniture

As the show draws to a close, several items from the house will be available for the public to buy through Gumtree; all money raised will be donated to charity. myclever™ Agency will be promoting the listings as well as ads across the social platforms where Gumtree and Celebrity Big Brother’s audience are most engaged.

On Wednesday night, myclever™ Agency attended the live launch show to connect with the crowd and experience, first-hand, the buzz that Celebrity Big Brother creates. The show had an average audience of 3.2 million viewers, peaking at 3.8 million. In total, there were 419,400 tweets from 170,000 people about the show and the housemates. We’re working closely with Brandwatch to measure who is being spoken about, and when, to keep the brand involved in relevant conversations in real time.


A combination of promoted Twitter ads featuring the popular idents and organic live coverage, community outreach and engagement with fans, brands and other celebs alike meant that there were over a million impressions for Gumtree’s Twitter community before the live launch show had even finished. Behind the scenes Vines supported the super-fan persona that Gumtree are bringing to the partnership.

The idents themselves, produced by Fold7, bookend every segment of the main shows, as well as the sister show “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side”. The approach is that the furniture in the house is as essential as he celebs using it. After all, the sofa won’t get evicted next week.

The fun ads will roll out on Facebook, while shorter edits will be published on Vine, the micro-content platform. Throughout the series, myclever™ Agency will be working closely with Gumtree to drive the passion for the show across social media. Our goal is to make the most of this opportunity to build Gumtree’s audience and increase engagement with the brand’s community online.

Over To You

What do you think? Will you be watching Celebrity Big Brother?

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