Let Facebook Do The Work With Dynamic Ads

Let Facebook Do The Work With Dynamic Ads

By myclever™ Agency

Facebook are rolling out a new feature for Facebook Marketing Partners – Dynamic Ads.

Now you can make multiple ads with minimal effort. The tool will allow you to target interested potential customers/fans/readers with ads that pull through metadata regarding your product or service catalogue, and serve it across multiple devices – mobile, desktop and tablet – without the need to redesign for each iteration. These Dynamic Ads will work within the News Feed and Right Hand Column.

Here is the simple four-step process for creating a dynamic ad:


1. Upload

Facebook Product Catalogue

Provided you have a Business Manager account, you can upload a catalogue of products to Facebook. This includes data fields for product ID, title, description, URLs for the image and landing page, and so on. This is where your dynamic ad pulls its data from.


2. Track

Facebook Dynamic Ads Tracking Pixel

Tracking pixels are small segments of code that, when placed on your website, allow you to build Custom Audiences and serve ads to people who have already expressed an initial interest in your product/service by clicking through to your website. This is how your dynamic ad will be seen by the warm leads who show interest in your brand.

3. TemplateFacebook Dynamic Ads

Using the data fields from your product catalogue, design a template for your Dynamic Ads. With a Facebook conversion pixel, you can also monitor which ads are most successful – have the most clicks and conversions – even when the purchase is made on a different device than where your ad was served.

4. Run

Facebook Dynamic Ads

As your audience browses your website and clicks through to products and services, the Dynamic Ads will pull through from your catalogue and be served to Facebook users. Provided that your keep your product catalogue up-to-date, these ads will continue to serve relevant and engaging content to highly interested people.

The obvious advantage of Dynamic Ads is the time-saving that comes with automatic ad generation and sizing across devices. This being said, there is always the risk that an image will not translate well across every format and that any human error uploading the catalogue will not be caught by Facebook before publishing erroneous ads.

Currently, Dynamic Ads are available through Facebook’s API to select Facebook Marketing Partners but Power Editor will catch up in the near future.

Over To You

What do you think? How can your brand make the most of Dynamic Ads?

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