Show Kellogg’s your #SpoonSelfie!

Show Kellogg’s your #SpoonSelfie!

By myclever™ Agency

In our new-look weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at the Kellogg’s #SpoonSelfie campaign.

Kellogg's #SpoonSelfie Tweet


Kellogg’s was established in 1906 and has become a globally recognisable brand as well as a household name in breakfast cereal. With product ranges for children and for adults, as well as snack products to suit healthy lifestyles, the brand has a prime market position. Previous social media based campaigns include pop up shops in London and Stockholm that exchanged tweets and Instagram posts respectively for Kellogg’s products.

The brand’s UK & Ireland accounts have 104,055 Facebook fans and 27,300 Twitter followers.


Spearheaded by spoon-bending psychic Uri Gellar, the #SpoonSelfie campaign is a simple and fun user generated content play that is designed to build social awareness of their personalised spoon promotion. Unique codes are printed on 120 million cereal boxes across 32 countries, which can be redeemed on a subdomain website when you collect three.

Kellogg's #SpoonSelfie Website

The #SpoonSelfies are pictures taken of yourself, reflected in the curve of your spoon. Pictures are shared via tweets and Instagram using the hashtag or directly to the Kellogg’s Facebook page. Lucky entrants are selected to win a free personalised spoon. On Twitter, Kellogg’s are reaching out to their audience to encourage entries and extend the conversation with those who have uploaded a #SpoonSelfie.


Across the web, there have been over 300 mentions of the hashtag #SpoonSelfie since the campaign began on January 21st. The vast majority of these are positive in sentiment. Although there are over 1,700 mentions of the hashtag on Instagram, only 78 are from after the campaign went live. What this shows is that the idea, while relevant to Kellogg’s, is not original, making it difficult for Kellogg’s to own and leverage exclusively.


As a user generated content campaign, #SpoonSelfie relies on the pictures that are shared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as its main source of content. A video uploaded to Facebook’s native video service demonstrates Uri’s spoon bending abilities, as well as a specially created ‘Throne of Spoons’ – a quirky homage to the Iron Throne from hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’.

Kellogg's #SpoonSelfie Throne of Spoons



The inclusive and appealing nature of #SpoonSelfies means that this campaign is easy to join in with, while perpetuating the friendly and light-hearted brand values of Kellogg’s. They giveaway aspect furthers the personalised spoon promotion with a hassle-free, on-brand activity.

Where Kellogg’s could improve is making a bigger fuss about the campaign. Word Of Mouth has its benefits – a campaign with organic traffic is always a fantastic result – but Kellogg’s could re-skin it’s social channels, host the video on YouTube to make it more shareable and perhaps even leverage social listening tools to surprise & delight influential people with personalised spoons.

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