Show More Of Your Brand With Facebook Product Ads

Show More Of Your Brand With Facebook Product Ads

By myclever™ Agency

Facebook has rolled out its latest ad format – multi-product ads.

This new format of Facebook ads means that brands can display more than one product at a time, without the need to create multiple ads.

In the past, a promoted post was limited to a single image with a single URL. If a brand wanted to advertise multiple products, the only choices were to create and promote more than one ad or (as a much less elegant solution) create a picture album that linked through to each product. This method requires a click to get into the album, then more clicks to land on the product page itself. As we all know, attention spans are short and two clicks are so much more effort than just one!

 So What’s New?

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The good news is that you can now feature multiple products, or multiple aspects of the same product, within one ad – saving time and effort. The new feature is, according to Facebook’s announcement, “a highly engaging and visually rich way to increase sales and grow your business.”

The function will potentially “boost clicks and conversions,” as you can feature 5 different images that link through to five different landing pages to demonstrate more of your brand’s products and services. This variety will give your customers more reasons to click through, while giving each of the images a unique URL allows your audience to land on exactly the page that interests them – increasing conversions. In turn, this will help you to acquire new customers and engage your existing fans, by targeting Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences with relevant content.

Facebook Product Ads

The core advantage of this new feature is the opportunity to display more of your brand’s products. If, for example, you have a varied line of footwear, this allows you to show off five designs, colours or styles. If content marketing is more your speed, promote multiple blog posts to capture the interest of new readers with five differing headlines. If you have a new release launching soon, leverage the opportunity to tell a story across five panels – a dynamic comic strip, if you will.

Like other versions of Facebook ads, multi-product ads are targeted to people who match whatever group you choose. Whether that’s a demographic in particular, a Custom Audience or a retargeting group is, as ever, up to you.

Over To You

What do you think? How will you be leveraging Facebook’s new multi-product ads?

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