Stay In the Loop With Instagram Videos

Stay In the Loop With Instagram Videos

By myclever™ Agency

Instagram has introduced a new feature for its native videos: looping.

Like rival platform Vine, videos uploaded to Instagram will play on a loop infinitely until you stop them.

The photo sharing social media platform has over 300 million monthly active users and has been running sponsored ads since late 2014.

The key difference between the two micro-content channels is that Vine’s video length is limited to 6 seconds, while Instagram’s are 15 seconds. The instant punchline of Vine weeds out the less inspired content but the lengthier capacity of Instagram favours storytelling with its extra 9 seconds.

We’ve had a go at myclever™ Agency, using the function to highlight the risks of sloppy copy & pasting.


Brands had already begun to leverage Instagram videos as a powerful tool in their social media strategies. For example, Coca Cola joined in with New Year’s Eve celebrations with a simple yet relevant video, while Mini Cooper have produced a highly stylised Drive homage with their Instagram advert for the new Mini John Cooper.


GoPro have been quick to make the most of the loop feature, uploading a clip of a skier in action, while the NBA have shared footage of a team scoring.

  @hassanwhiteside, making @miamiheat history nightly!     A video posted by NBA (@nba) on

The Gap

Already, fashion retailer The Gap has creatively capitalised on the feature in anticipation of its spring 2015 launch. the looping video combines the feature’s seamless loop with a narrative that stars Jenny Slate and Paul Dano meeting and falling in love. Lather, rinse, repeat.

According to Gap’s global leader of consumer engagement, media strategy and brand partnerships, Tricia Nichols, “The nature of the videos is that you get something different every time you play them[…] The story twists and turns.” Dubbing it the “weirdest love story ever Instagrammed,” Gap are planning to release another looping video each week in the build up to their spring clothing line release.

Over To You

What do you think? Have you seen any clever looping videos on Instagram?

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