The Powerhouse of Facebook Ads: Audience Insights

The Powerhouse of Facebook Ads: Audience Insights

By myclever™ Agency

Knowing more about your audience will improve your Facebook Ads.

Until about half a year ago, the only insights you could get from Facebook into how your existing fans tick were from Facebook Insights (or, as they should be really called, ‘Facebook Page Insights’). These are pretty basic to begin with.

Facebook Page Insights are provided for every fanpage and show you data across various age groups of existing fans, people you reached, people who engaged with your content and (if you have one) people who checked-in to your location.

It also gives insights into where these different user groups are from and what language they speak. This is good but not powerful enough if you want to use such data strategically, which you should.

If you really wanted to understand your audience, you would have had to get someone to do a study of your customers. This could be costly and often ineffective method, as any researcher group has limited methods of gaining insights about the audience.

Now, you can find Audience Insights on the left-hand side of your Facebook Ads Manager. The more granular dissection of your fans makes Audience Insights superior to the standard Facebook Page Insights, as it allows you to drill down to incredibly more specific data regarding your target audience. The tool can make a real difference to the ROI of your social media strategy and activities because it means you can find out more about the people you want to see your content to serve your ads to a much more interested and engaged audience than before. This allows you to spend less to achieve similar results to before.


Once you get to your shiny new Audience Insights, you have all sorts of options and in-depth analysis at your finger tips. These aren’t just about people who are connected to your page; it’s pretty much all-encompassing. You can get a comprehensive idea of how everyone on Facebook ticks.


On the left-hand side of the Facebook Audience Insights, you’ll find the filter options to analyse any audience that interests you, including:

  • Custom Audiences
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Advanced (Behaviors, Language, Relationship Status, Education, Work, Financial, Home, Market Segments, Parents, Politics (US), Life Events, Device Owners)

One of the first things that you’ll notice Facebook provides is the number of active users who fulfil your set criteria. This can give you an idea of how many people you’ll be able to reach with the given options. It’ll help you understand how big your ‘market’ is, so to speak.

Additionally, you can get the following powerful details:

  • Demographics (Age, Gender, Lifestyle, Relationship Status, Education Level, Job Title)
  • Page Likes (Categories, Pages)
  • Location (Cities, Countries, Languages)
  • Activity (Frequency, Devices)
  • Household * (Household Income, House Ownership, Household Size, Home Market Value, Spending Methods)
  • Purchase * (Retail Spending, Online Purchases, Purchase Behavior, In Market For A Vehicle)

* Insights only available on US-based users or to Facebook Partners


Effectiveness x Efficiency = Success^10

Our logic and experience dictates that having insights into audiences is incredibly invaluable for any strategy, campaign or general social media activity. Knowing your existing audience, as well as those you want to talk to, turns any actions into efficient, effective tactics that bring lower costs, higher KPI results and, ultimately, real ROI.

Here are the four ways that Audience Insights can improve your Facebook ad strategy.

1: Ads, Ads, Ads

Facebook Audience Insights are the real powerhouse of Facebook Ads. You can understand your audience to serve the right ads to the right people and you can create ads right away, based on what insight you selected, as well as create audiences that you can save and reuse. Say, for example, that you want to promote an article. You use the major characteristics and create an ad straight from the ‘Audience Insights’ dashboard, or click ‘Save’ to store the new target audience’s details to refer back to at a later time. This way, fewer people will see the ad that will consider it irrelevant.

2: Understand Your Fans

You can look at your fans (select Connections and pick the page of your choice) and understand what industry the majority of fans work in or what pages the majority are fans of and more. This way, you can publish content that is tailored around your audience which in turn means that content becomes more relevant and engaging. The chances are that they’ll convert even more.

3: Exploring New Markets

If you’ve read our blog post, How Global Is Your Social?, you’ll know that we believe the key to successful social media in foreign countries is understanding the locals. Audience Insights enable you to do exactly that. If you wanted to explore social media activities in France and your brand has a massive technology focus, you can immediately see that the biggest interests for French Facebook users are mobile apps like Candy Crush Saga, that 31% are based in Paris but that their average engagement with Facebook posts is generally low. This will help you understand that you have a good chance of getting established, what content to serve, who your competitors are but also that you won’t be able to expect a massive amount of engagement.

4: Maximise Organic Targeting

Any insights you gain into your existing fans can be used not just to create more relevant content but also to target the content to fans fulfilling specific requirements, so that those who see the post are more likely to engage.

Over To You

What do you think? How do Audience Insights influence your ad strategy?

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