Tweet Your Way To Texas With Mashable and Esurance

Tweet Your Way To Texas With Mashable and Esurance

By myclever™ Agency

In our new-look weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Esurance’s SXSW My Way campaign.

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Esurance Insurance Services Inc. is an insurance company established in 1998, that belongs to the Allstate company. Their emphasis is on digital customer experience, using “intuitive tools” for web and mobile. Considered more environmentally friendly than their competitors, their most recent television ad aired during the 2015 Super Bowl and featured Bryan Cranston reviving his role as Walter White from popular TV show Breaking Bad.

The brand has 111,000 Twitter followers, over 127,000 Google+ followers, 390,809 Facebook Page likes and 4,599 YouTube Subscribers.


Hosted by Mashable, the SXSW My Way campaign took place on Twitter. Every other day, Mashable posed questions to their followers about what they would do at the music festival and why they deserved free tickets to attend.

The contest entry mechanic required Twitter users to follow Mashable and Esurance, with a public profile, and answer questions using the hashtag #EsuranceAccess. Entries were judged on their creativity, clarity of communication and originality.

Three winners were awarded VIP access to events at the festival, airfare and 4 nights in a hotel in Austin, Texas.


The campaign hashtag received 2386 mentions while it was live, all of them occurring on Twitter (as would be expected for a contest ran on Twitter). 8% of mentions were positive, while the 1% of negative ones included the word “Disruptive” to mean the marketing style rather than being truly negative.

SXSW Your Way Twitter Mentions


The simplicity of the campaign is the lack of content required by Mashable or Esurance. As the entire entry mechanic relied on original and creative replies from fans, the tweets themselves often feature pop-culture references in GIFS and images.

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By tapping into the significant audience that like SXSW, Mashable were able to align the campaign with Esurance’s youthful, tech-savvy ethos. The questions were broad and open, allowing for a range of interesting and funny entries from a highly engaged demographic that shared a passion for the festival’s key themes of music, film and digital media.

However, there is a lack of video content. Video is gaining more engagement than photos, and Esurance’s high profile following the Super Bowl ad means they could have leveraged a video on YouTube to push even more buzz.

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