Twitter Ads: Targeting by Postcode

Twitter Ads: Targeting by Postcode

By myclever™ Agency

Twitter has announced another targeting option for their various ad formats: geo-targeting with postcodes.

They say that “geo-targeting enables advertisers to reach users in specific regions, metropolitan areas and now postcodes. It brings real precision to online advertising and the ability to connect with potential customers at a local level.”

What does this mean for businesses, considering Twitter’s advertising options? Is this new targeting functionality useful for any brands?

Well, yes and no. If you’re a brand new restaurant and you want to get more footfall into your establishment, you could run an ad on Twitter targeting your town or even just a specific local area within your city. Of course you wouldn’t just target anyone in a specific postcode. You’d still combine this with user interests, age and so on. This means that your targeting becomes incredibly precise and your content becomes highly relevant to those users that you’re targeting.

If you’re a national brand, you might want to stay away from postcode targeting – unless you’re running a campaign or event within a specific town or postcode. However, postcode-targeted ads for a new store launch will get more attention and attendees. Special offers running exclusively in specific stores of your national chain could be displayed only to users near the location of those stores.

Ultimately, this will save you a chunk of money of your social ads budget. Before, that restaurant could only target ‘London’; now, it can target people in the nearby postcodes as they’ll be more likely to come in than someone from the other side of the city. The ads won’t be visible to users outside of those postcodes, which means you save budget and users won’t feel spammed or find the content irrelevant to them.

In a nutshell, this is a useful tool with a cost-efficient potential. If it applies to you.

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