Always Use Social Media #LikeAGirl

Always Use Social Media #LikeAGirl

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign.

Dove Like A Girl CampaignAlways

Feminine beauty brand Always, owned by Proctor & Gamble, have followed Pantene and Dove’s examples of creative social media campaigns that support women while questioning the established status quo of women’s roles in society and advertising.

Always has over 460,000 Facebook likes, 44,5000 YouTube Subscribers and 20,600 Twitter followers.


Last year, Always released a video that challenged the sentiment of the phrase “like a girl.” Featuring women and girls asked to perform tasks “like a girl,” there is a notable difference in the confidence with which each age group enacts their actions. Always’ intent is to create a discourse around the issue of feminism and patriarchal language, while aligning their brand to empowered women of all ages.


This year, the #LikeAGirl campaign returned in time to celebrate International Women’s Day with a sequel to last year’s video.


As ever, the message is clear – making “like a girl” mean something awesome. According to Fama Francisco, global vp at Always, “when people watch the video, we know it changes their perception of the phrase ‘like a girl’—and it makes a difference for girls’ confidence.”

Mentions#LikeAGirl mentions

#LikeAGirl enjoyed 7258 mentions on Sunday 8th March  (International Women’s Day) alone. With over 1000 of these explicitly mentioning Always too, Dove had at least a 15% share of voice. Always’ mentions were almost unanimously good, with 20% scoring positive sentiment.#LikeAGirl Sentiment


As well as the videos, Always’ social media channels have all been re-skinned with #LikeAGirl imagery and have been posting branded inspirational imagery (such as below). They are also taking advantage of Facebook’s native video service with several #LikeAGirl videos on this platform.

Dove Like A Girl Campaign content



#LikeAGirl not only provokes a reaction, it highlights the very real issue about confidence in young women falling as they grow up. Challenging the difference in perception from childhood to adulthood allows Always to build a brand advocacy from an early age, while also doing good for women.

The initial campaign launched in mid-2014 but, by timing this revival to coincide with a significant global event like International Women’s Day, Always have leveraged existing conversations to expose their brand and their value proposition to an active and vocal audience.

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