Instagram Follows Facebook With New Multi-Image Ads

Instagram Follows Facebook With New Multi-Image Ads

By myclever™ Agency

Hot on the heels of Facebook, Instagram are launching a multi-image ad format.

“Advertisers can now place multiple photos in one sponsored post for consumers to flip through. At the end of the carousel, users have options to click on additional content orvisit a website to learn more.”

As reported by AdWeek, Instagram have just launched the new ad format. This will boost the maturity of the advertising aspect of their business. The newly launched carousel format is similar to Facebook’s recently introduced multi-product ads. Like Father, like Son, right?

The multiple picture ads will give marketers the option of including up to four pictures in one ad and capture the user’s attention over the course of these images. The bonus? At the end, the user will be able to click on a link through to an actual website. (Finally!)

Instagram multiple picture ads

Rather than having to cram one story or message into a single image and not being able to direct the user to take the desired action, brands will now have the chance to tell their stories through multiple images at a time and finally ask people to take action by driving their engaged user to a landing page for sales, signups or whatever else the ad objective is.

Another potential benefit is that Instagram advertisers will be able to really measure the ROI of their sponsored activities on Instagram. Instagram says they won’t measure clicks but, of course, if you have Google Analytics and you use UTM tracking on your links, you won’t have any problem measuring the actions yourself.

However, Instagram ads still have a high barrier of entry. Firstly, not all brands can advertise and then those that can have the currently incredibly high monthly minimum spend of $35,000 to spend.

Over To You

What do you think? How can your brand leverage the latest addition to Instagram’s ad format family?

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