The Rise Of Video Ads On Facebook And Twitter

The Rise Of Video Ads On Facebook And Twitter

By myclever™ Agency

Facebook and Twitter are shifting their core ad focus toward video content.

As both platforms seek to compete with YouTube’s dominance, social ads featuring branded video content is being rewarded by achieving the highest reach and engagement.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook’s algorithm is increasingly changing to focus more on rich media rather than text-based status updates from brands.

Facebook recently announced they are to simplify the ad buying process in order to fuel more personalised video activity. Facebook video ads allow the user to target an audience based on their interests – this means you can target the right people with relevant content.

Facebook automatically optimises the video ad to show it to the people who are most likely to view it. This means Facebook will cost-effectively increase the reach of your ad to more people and improve the efficiency for your video adverts.Facebook video ad by Gumtree

Other features include the ability to create a custom audience of users who have watched the video through to the end. This allows you to retarget users who have already engaged with your brand.

Similar to YouTube’s in-stream annotation features, Facebook video ads also allow you to include call to action in order to drive traffic from your video to your site.

In-depth analytics allow you to measure the performance of your videos with metrics including the total number of views and (if they didn’t watch until the end) for how long a person viewed your video.

 Twitter Video Ads

The latest addition to Twitter’s card suite is the video card, which uses Cost Per View pricing so you only pay when someone clicks play. This means you can benefit from engagements such as favourites and retweets that don’t cost you more. As part of Twitter’s native video player, you can include a Call To Action in order to drive traffic to your website directly from the video ad.

With Twitter ‘s TV conversation targeting, advertisers are able to leverage the video ads to coincide with planned TV ads. The growth of second screen advertising increases the value of using Twitter video ads to continue to re-engage customers throughout the consumer funnel.

Similar to Facebook’s analytics, Twitter analytics allow you to measure the performance of your videos by tracking the number of views and how far into the video a user has watched.

Here are a few best practice tips:

  • Create engaging content that invites users to watch your video
  • Videos present an opportunity to share compelling narratives
  • Communicate your brand’s message as early in the video as possible
  • Use the video to create conversation with your audience
  • Include Call To Actions to increase the interactions with the user
  • Take advantage of the chance to create custom audiences

Over To You

What do you think? How will the rise of native video ads effect your social ad strategy?

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