#ZaynPain – The Internet Reacts

#ZaynPain – The Internet Reacts

By myclever™ Agency

On the day Jeremy Clarkson was officially axed from the BBC, only one celebrity story could steal his spotlight.

Zayn Malik has left One Direction.

The news broke on Wedneday and soon after began trending on Twitter.


1D-ers were (understandably) upset – see for yourself #ZaynPain.


Coping Through Laughter

In the traditional fashion of the internet, humour was used to mask our #ZaynPain.




Silver Linings?

Let’s not forget that on this day, not one but two great band of boys were torn apart. Clarkson’s departure from Top Gear leaves a very big pair of high waister jeans to fill…

Not to mention, a potential fifth spot up for grabs in the greatest music act of all time…

 myclever™  Agency Reacts

We asked around the myclever™  team for their opinions regarding the shock of the century.

“I’m going to need a new calendar now.”

Thom, Junior Copywriter.

“Xavier is going to replace him.”

James – Motion Graphic Designer.

“I have my reservations on the matter but I think if we all give them our support, they will ultimately pull through this one and they will fulfil our expectations for their next tour.”

Xavier, Web Developer and resident 1D superfan.

 #ZaynPain By Numbers

We put our social media listening tech to work, to analyse just how much we’re all suffering #ZaynPain. In the day since the announcement, almost 2,000 mentions of the hashtag #ZaynPain have been used to explicitly mourn his departure from the band.

Zayn Pain Gender Divide

The split is weighted in favour of females but, at 36%, more males than we expected are experiencing this wave of desolation.

Zayn Pain Country Chart

Another unexpected statistic is that almost half of this global pandemic is being felt by suffers in the United States – evidence that 1D really did successfully make the leap over the pond.

Over To You

What Do You Think? Will your #ZaynPain ever go away?

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