Facebook Fixes the Balance of Content on Your News Feed

Facebook Fixes the Balance of Content on Your News Feed

By Hope Gorton

Another day, another change to the digital landscape.

First Google, now Facebook are keeping us on our toes. The big, blue, social media giant have announced recently that they’re tweaking how News Feed works and therefore what stories you’ll be shown.

But what does the change in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm mean to you and your brand?

The goal of the News Feed is to show relevant content that matters to you. This can vary on Facebook as everyone’s interests and preferences differ day to day.

Facebook has announced that, based on the user feedback given about their Facebook News Feeds, there will be three main updates. We’ve digested them for you below:

Just Keep Scrolling – More (Relevant) Content to Appear on News Feeds.

Previously, Facebook implemented rules that dmade it unlikely that multiple posts from the same publisher would appear on your News Feed. This is all changing. If you don’t have a huge amount of content available on your News Feed, just keep scrolling to find more including posts from the same source.

You’ve Got a Friend – Never Miss an Update from Your Nearest and Dearest

Facebook has also realised the importance of keeping up-to-date with friends. That’s why we go on Facebook, right? The update to News Feed’s algorithm ensures that all content, such as photos, videos, links and status updates, from those people you care about will be seen higher up in your News Feed, making it less likely to be missed. Facebook want to strike the right balance for each individual user.

Not Every Tom, Dick and Harry – Only See Content You Care About

You spoke and Facebook listened. Facebook users have declared that they don’t like seeing stories about their friends commenting or liking a post. Facebook has announced that these updates will now appear lower down in your News Feed, or even not at all. This means the content you see on your News Feed will be the content you care about, i.e. from friends or pages you like.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 12.14.53

See more of your friends posts higher up your News Feed.

 What Does This Mean For Your Brand?

The update has the potential to be a good change for brands and their content; now your audience can see more than one article or piece of content you have shared, compared to the previous limitation.

If anything, these changes will give marketers the boost they need to revitalise their content and ensure it is of the highest quality possible so their audiences will not lose interest.

On the other hand, Facebook have stated that there could be a “potential decline in post reach and referral traffic.” This could be due to the focus on friends content rather than publishers.

However, Facebook are encouraging brands to continue as normal and carry on posting content that is, of course, meaningful and interesting to your audience.

Over To You

What do you think? How will the changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm affect your content?


This post was written by Hope Gorton

Hope is one of myclever™ Agency's Social Media Executives, working with clients and internally to manage successful social media campaigns.