Find Your #WorldRun Wingman

Find Your #WorldRun Wingman

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at our client Wings For Life‘s #WorldRun Wingman campaign.

Wings For Life

Wings For Life is a spinal chord research charity, raising money to fund research into injuries and illnesses associated with spinal chord injury.

In 2014, they launched the Wings For Life World Run – a race unlike any other. There’s no set finish line; the only test of your fitness is the Catcher Car – a sensor-loaded vehicle that ends your race when it overtakes you.

With race events taking place simultaneously in 35 countries, there isn’t a mass-participation event like it. 

#WorldRun Wingman

#WorldRun Wingman is a social media campaign that emphasises connecting people globally through social media. This encourages more entries, raising more funds for further research into spinal chord injuries and illnesses.

In line with this message, #WorldRun Wingman centres on the bond between runners from around the world.

#WorldRun Wingman Landing Page

#WorldRun Wingman uses an algorithm, custom built by the myclever team, to pair runners around the world so that they can “share training tips and advice” as well as “encourage each other and compare how you do on the big day.”

The bespoke web app is fully integrated with the Wings For Life website and is being accessed in 75 different countries, functioning in nine different languages.

It connects with Twitter’s API to analyse a user’s Twitter data, deducing their interest levels in running as well as what sort of events they usually take part in.

From this and their predicted race distance, the #WorldRun Wingman app finds a like-minded entrant from its database and tweets a unique image to both people, featuring their Twitter avatars:


The campaign is receiving positive sentiment across social media. The vast majority of mentions of #WorldRun Wingman coming from the participating runners who have connected with Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 14.01.13

As the race gets closer and the number of #WorldRun Wingman pairings increases, the volume of mentions is increasing.


With branded graphic and video content being posted across social accounts, the campaign is gearing up for the race itself in May.

The emphasis of this content is on positioning participants as each other’s #WorldRun Wingman, to encourage entries and spur on other runners to train and share their experiences.

WFL #WorldRun Facebook content


As a charitable event, Wings For Life #WorldRun is a great cause. With 100% of entry fees going to the charity, the goal for this campaign is to encourage as many racers to connect to the app as possible, to spread the message and drive entries.

Wings For Life have partnered with high profile brands including Garmin, Puma and Red Bull; high-profile associations with big brands enable Wings For Life to promote the event with much wider audiences, including those who are active and passionate about mass-participation events, health and fitness, and unique challenges.

#WorldRun Wingman is a unique opportunity of giving people around the world the opportunity to take part in a cutting edge social campaign and encouraging more entries to a worthwhile cause.

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