Intouch Hides Dash Cam Crash in YouTube Preview Thumbnails

Intouch Hides Dash Cam Crash in YouTube Preview Thumbnails

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Intouch’s clever YouTube video; “MOST TERRIBLE FATAL CAR CRASH EVER”.


Intouch is a member of RSA Insurance Group, operating in Russia.

The brand has a relatively small social media following, including 10,000 Facebook fans, 798 Twitter followers, 38 YouTube Subscribers.

RSA Group has a larger audience: over 3,400 Facebook fans, 6,300 Twitter followers and 56,000 LinkedIn followers.


Intouch's subliminal YouTube video

As you might have spotted in the above video, there are two stories to see.

The first, a ten minute video of dash-cam footage, shows nothing significant occurring.

The second, the one hinted at from the click-bait style video title, only shows its face to those who speed through the preview thumbnails along the YouTube player’s timeline.

What’s unusual is that this is only seen by the impatient among us who rush ahead to see the titular fatal car crash.

Designed by BBDO Russia, the video is posted by  a pseudo-account called “Lobach Lobachev” rather than Intouch or RSA Group – adding a layer of authenticity to what is an intuitive user journey.


If there’s one thing we love, it’s the clever things.

What is great about this video is how BBDO Russia have managed to manipulate preview images that are totally different to the footage in the video.

By knowing exactly which frames within the video will be captured by YouTube’s algorithms for the preview, BBDO Russia have inserted an alternate timeline of events within the video.

This sort of subliminal messaging would probably not fly on TV ads, but on social media, it’s incredibly well thought out and intuitive.

The length of the video – a full 10 minute slog – compounds the safety message by playing on the expected behaviour of the audience. Subverting this behaviour is the intelligent, disruptive factor that drives home their message (pun intended).

Over To You

What do you think? Have you spotted a clever campaign?

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