There’s No Fooling Us This April Fool’s Day

There’s No Fooling Us This April Fool’s Day

By Hope Gorton

It’s that time of year again – April Fool’s Day.

Whether you love it or hate it, April 1st is the prime time for brands to poke a bit of fun at themselves in a bid to fool their audience(s) and increase their engagement.

Here at myclever™ Agency, two of our clients wanted to join in on the fun and create an April Fool’s campaign.

Gumtree – “Hello, is it GumTea you’re looking for!”

Gumtree are now specialising in warm beverages after proudly introducing GumTea to the world this April Fool’s day. Armed with a cheesy strap line and a humorous vine, this post ended up being featured on Mashable’s ‘so bad, it’s good’ list.

Curvy Kate – ‘Booty Bra’

Kimmy K, eat your heart out! Curvy Kate has introduced the booty bra – a bra for your booty! The new form of shapewear is designed with the latest, upfront technology to give your assets a little boost! We wonder how many people would actually wear these?


Here are a couple of other pranks that we liked.

Dominos – #DomiNoDriver

As far as April fool’s pranks go, this has got to be one of the most outrageous. This topical campaign was full of incredible detail and creative assets that it had the potential to fool even the most cynical of people. So, if you trust your pizza will be delivered in one piece after riding with a driverless delivery vehicle, go ahead and get ordering your dinner for tonight.


Tesco – Bouncing Supermarket Aisles

Here’s one for all those people who struggle to reach the top shelf in their supermarket. Tesco has rolled out aisles that have trampolines running on either side, from top to bottom. Even Lucy Mecklenburgh from TOWIE/Tumble has joined in on the campaign and has promised to teach a few gymnastics moves while you’re shopping.


Over To You

What do you think? Tell us what your favourite April Fool’s pranks were!

This post was written by Hope Gorton

Hope is one of myclever™ Agency's Social Media Executives, working with clients and internally to manage successful social media campaigns.