#GE2015 – Social Media Casts Its Vote

#GE2015 – Social Media Casts Its Vote

By myclever™ Agency

The nation cast their votes for #GE2015 today.

We recently teamed up with our social listening tech partners, Brandwatch, to analyse conversations and suggest who might win the general election if social media was the deciding factor.

As the nation goes out to vote for their MP, we’ve had another look at the social landscape to see who (in the last 24 hours) is winning on social media.


In the last 24 hours (at the time of writing), Labour have received the biggest share of voice – 35%, which is 15% more than UKIP. The incumbent Conservative party only have 19%.Brandwatch GE2015 Summary by party


Volume of mentions suggests who has been spoken about the most, but doesn’t offer an insight as to how these parties are being talked about.

Broken down by sentiment, we can see that those same three most talked about parties are also receiving a majority of negative mentions.

Fringe parties like SNP, Green and Plaid Cymru are enjoying more positive conversations.

Brandwatch GE2015 Sentiment by party

The Next Prime Minister

Despite assertions that this election is far from a two-horse-race, the red vs blue battle rages on.

The leaders of the biggest parties, Ed Miliband and David Cameron, are getting the lion’s share of mentions by volume in the past 24 hours.

Surges in overall mention volume around 1pm and between 10pm and 11pm can possibly be attributed to news broadcasts on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 stirring up more conversations in their coverage of the election campaign.

Brandwatch GE2015 Volume by leader


Predicting today’s results is a difficult task, even with the help of large data. Social media does, however, provide a powerful insight into key factors such as popularity and how much leaders and parties are being talked about.

This also proves that #GE2015 is, more than any previous election, a battle being fought across social.

All of the serious candidates and parties are putting in more time and effort than ever before to engage their audences online, utilising the platforms at their disposal to spread their policies and interact with their constituents.

The Best Of Social

Social media is inherently fun. It wouldn’t be a truly social election without its fair share of jokes and hijinx.

We’ve pulled together a few of our favourite pieces of content. Enjoy.

Paddy Power

Never one to miss a chance to pull a funny stunt, gambling brand Paddy Power have taken their usual footy-based discourse and applied it to Westminster.

The Milifandom

Fandoms are part-and-parcel of the internet, as (typically) young audiences devote their attention to their favourite shows, books, films etc. One group of eager young political fans have crowned Ed Miliband their ‘fave’.

We’re not making this up. Check out this Buzzfeed article for a more detailed analysis.

EE’s Found-Footage #Power Rap

The mobile phone network have shared this unseen footage of the leaders, seen throwing down a few sick rhymes in their ongoing competition for power.

Over To You

What do you think? Has social media played a roll in your decision today? Share your favourite, funny #GE2015 content with us.

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