Which Platform Is Best For Your Paid Social? [Infographic]

Which Platform Is Best For Your Paid Social? [Infographic]

By myclever™ Agency

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We’ve all heard of them; most of us will maintain a profile one each platform.

But which one is the best for advertising your brand?

With the rise of social advertising, it’s essential that we market to the right audiences on the most relevant platform.

We’ve taken a look at the three big players in the paid social space to help you decide which platform is best for you, your audience and your brand.

If you’re already using one or more of these platforms, it’s useful to know which one (or more) suits your business objectives.


LinkedIn is perceived to be more expensive than Facebook and Twitter, which deters many smaller brands from advertising on this platform.

Despite this, the network tends to enjoy a larger click-through-rate (CTR) and higher conversion rates compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Why, you ask?

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has a smaller, predominately business-orientated audience. Users are more likely to follow through with the call-to-action present as it is relevant to their interests or what they are searching for. If you’re communicating a message that has a B2B focus, LinkedIn is definitely worth considering.

The key message with B2B paid social is knowing your audience and targeting them granularly with content that is relevant to their professional interests.

You might think that your LinkedIn audience can be reached elsewhere, on Facebook or Twitter. However, 13% of LinkedIn users don’t have a Facebook account and 59% don’t visit Twitter.


Facebook and Twitter have hundreds of millions of active users. Your content must reach a considerable percentage of those individuals, right?

Not necessarily.

According to recent studies, organic reach has plummeted by half from approximately 12% of your audience to only 6%. Each platform is constantly reviewing their algorithms to guarantee that users only see relevant content.

Paid social content is fast becoming a necessity for any brand that wants to reach more people in new and existing audiences. Without ad spend, your message might not be seen by your intended audience.

As hinted at above, Facebook and Twitter are used more often, on the go. The habits of their active users lends itself to commercial engagement, brand awareness and e-commerce leads.

The big positive of Facebook and Twitter is being able to break down your audience into extremely specific, targeted audiences, to delivers efficient rates of engagement.

The Choice Is Yours

Whatever your platform of choice, social advertising is something you cannot ignore.

Social ads benefit a brand by increasing opportunities to reach a larger, qualified audience. Social advertising should be at the core of any social media marketing strategy.

A social media agency is the perfect partner to understand your brand and  your audience, to produce highly engaging content and promote it to the right people on the right platform.

Over To You

What do you think? Which platform suits your brand’s advertising needs?

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Which Platform Is Best For Your Paid Social? [Infographic]
An infographic comparing the merits of social advertising on three of the largest social media platforms.

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