Facebook Brings Pictures Together With Moments

Facebook Brings Pictures Together With Moments

By myclever™ Agency

Facebook’s Creative Labs have announced a new way to share your images.

Facebook’s Moments app will give users a way to sync their photographs with those taken by their friends and family.

The premise is that people are always taking pictures at important and casual events, but that the act of sharing all these images is cumbersome and often forgotten about.

Moments is intended to simplify the sharing process by creating a social hub of your network’s photographs.

By analysing the time and date of the pictures uploaded, combined with Facebook’s facial recognition software that already suggests who to tag, the app groups pictures together in ‘moments’.

Pictures are categorised by who is in them, so you can quickly and easily find pictures of yourself or a friend in particular.

Because this is Facebook we’re talking about, these images can be uploaded straight to the social network, as well as Instagram and Messenger.

Does Moments Have Staying Power?

We’ve seen Facebook apps come and go.

The popularity of these apps is perhaps a matter of usefulness – something that we as a social media agency are very fond of.

Moments appears to solve a very real (if trivial) issue that many of us experience.

It’s likely that, with the right exposure, the app could well be as popular as Messenger, rather than another swing-and-a-miss like Rooms.

Potential For Brands

Without trying to jump the gun, let’s assume Moments does hang around for longer than the Manchester sunshine.

There is the potential for brands to leverage this new app to create massively in-depth user-generated albums.

Whether it’s the summer’s festival scene, or one-off sponsored events, sporting occasions or even public gatherings, if the API can be worked with to allow big names to create Moments around their branded campaigns, what’s to say that they can’t offer immersive, behind-the-scenes/don’t miss a thing audience experiences.

Then there’s the possibility of using a Moment to launch a competition, announce winners, or showcase prizes.

We’ll have to wait and see!


Since posting this blog, Facebook has announced that the Moments app will not be launched in Europe until they have developed an opt-in function to the facial recognition aspect of the app.

Currently, EU regulators are hesitant to allow facial-recognition software to roll out to the public, with similar photo sharing services including Google Photos being available in the US but not Europe.

Over To You

What do you think? When would you benefit from the Moments app?

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