Gumtree’s #UpcycleRevolution Taps into Active Audiences On Twitter

Gumtree’s #UpcycleRevolution Taps into Active Audiences On Twitter

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at our client Gumtree’s #UpcycleRevolution campaign.

Upcycling Revolution Drums


The biggest online classified advert website in the UK, Gumtree attracts around 8 million monthly unique users. The online noticeboard hosts over 2 million ads on the site at any one time.

myclever™ Agency have worked with Gumtree on a variety of social media campaigns, including the award winning sponsorship of Celebrity Big Brother 2015 – making Gumtree the biggest personality around the show across earned, owned and paid media.

Gumtree has over 432,000 Facebook likes, 43,300 Google+ followers and 33,400 Twitter followers.


The upcycling revolution is Gumtree’s battlecry to a passionate community of renovators and innovators.

Upcyclers are a passionateaudience that take belongings, furniture, household items and even discarded ‘rubbish’, and give it a second lease of life by updating it, transforming it, or canibalising it to become something completely different.

Plastic carrier bag dustbin, anyone?


On Wednesday, the #NationalUpcyclingDay hashtag reached the second spot in Twitters organic trends.

In one day, the campaign achieved 30 million impressions and generated over 5,000 tweets.

A passionate community of ‘Upcyclers’ and bloggers engaged the campaign to share ideas, projets and wider discussions around the #UpcyclingRevolution


Gumtree have been engaging their spirited audience to gather user-generated imagery of upcycling projects. This has become part of a rich social media campaign, featuring the #UpcycleRevolution hashtag.


As part of #NationalUpcyclingDay on Wednesday 24th June, Max McMurdo – renown upcycler and occasional TV personality – hosted a Twitter takeover to answer questions and hunt down bargains for his own projects.

Gumtree’s social profiles have embraced the campaign, with branded skins bringing the revolution to Gumtree’s hundreds of thousands of followers.

Gumtree Google Plus


#UpcycleRevolution is a great example of joining the conversation for an existing, on-brand concept and amplifying it through targeted social content.

Curating their social channels, Gumtree are able to embrace the fervour of upcyclers, leveraging influencers and advocates to align their brand with a positive movement.

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