NHS Give _l_ _d Highlight Wh_t’s Missing

NHS Give _l_ _d Highlight Wh_t’s Missing

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In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at NHS Give Blood’s #MissingType social media campaign.

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NHS Give Blood

NHS Give Blood is part of the NHS’ Blood And Transplant department.

25% of people require a blood transfusion at some stage in their life.

Donations are also used for research, education and for separating into component parts to treat diseases affecting millions of people each year.

According to their website, only 4% of adults are currently donors. Current blood stock levels are monitored and shared in graphs:

Blood Stock Levels Graph

NHS Give Blood has over 476,000 Facebook likes, 47,000 Twitter followers, 2,000 Instagram followers and over 200 YouTube subscribers.


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As part of National Blood Week, the #MissingType campaign aims to get more new people to give blood.

On World Blood Day, NHS Give Blood collect 10% more donations than any other day in June.

“There’s a decline year-on-year of the number of new people donating, and more than half of current donors are over 45,” Andrea Ttofa, Give Blood NHS’s head of PR, told Buzzfeed.

As existing donors age and are unable to continue donating, NHS Give Blood need over 204,000 new donors to make sure they have enough of the right mix of blood groups.

But how do you highlight an absence of something?

You make the three letters of the blood group types go missing. NHS Give Blood have taken As, Bs and Os out of signs, tweets, posters, web copy – anywhere they can.


#MissingType has removed the lettering in a variety of locations, online and offline, to bring attention to a world without A, B and O type blood.

The campaign has been supported by a wide range of brands, including Charlton Athletic, ArsenalGreen & Black’s, Marmite, Giraffe restaurants and NHS facilities’ signs.


Our social listening tech partners, Brandwatch, have already had a look at the effectiveness of the #MissingType campaign, earlier this week.

In it’s first day, the campaign had reached up to 32 million people with a single hashtag.

As of writing, the campaign hashtag has amassed over 100 million impressions, and millions more for National Blood Week in general.

Hashtag Impressions

The NHS Give Blood Twitter account has been reached millions of people, too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 15.16.01


You don’t miss it when you give it, but patients could miss it if you don’t. #MissingType

Posted by NHS Blood Donation on Saturday, 6 June 2015

The campaign is not holding back.

As well as branded Facebook, Twitter and Instagram image posts, NHS Give Blood have promoted an Instagram carousel ad.

Minimum spend for this format is reported at the $50,000 figure. Seen below, it does match the community guidelines for image style, while embodying an on-brand message.



As a blood donor, I understand why it’s important that the NHS has a high number of donors.

The campaign combats the biggest obstacle I encounter. When I tell friends I donate regularly, their response is typically, “I want to do that.”

But few realise just why it’s so vital that instead of wishing they did it, they actually go out and do it.

NHS Give Blood have come out, all guns blazing, with a disruptive, across-the-line campaign.

The #MissingType campaign is almost the opposite of an ad – it’s taking things away from the audience’s eyes, rather than putting new visuals out.

Ad spend on social platforms is something myclever™ Agency see as a big part of the future of social media marketing. Using Instagram is a perfect strategy when the biggest aim is to enlist new, younger donors.

#MissingType is so fun and simple to participate in, that hundreds of participating brands, sports teams, influential celebrities, television shows and businesses are putting their weight behind the campaign.

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What do you think? Have you spotted a clever campaign?


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