Social Advertising – Get Your Backstage Pass to the Biggest Gig In Town

Social Advertising – Get Your Backstage Pass to the Biggest Gig In Town

By myclever™ Agency

The headline act of 2015 is paid social advertising

Today, myclever™ agency’s latest industry leading whitepaper rocks out on the main stage of social media.

Paid Social ads bring a brand’s most engaging content to a wider audience than organic reach, that’s why global social ad spend is set to increase by 25% year-on-year against 2014.

Spend & Trends – Do You Know Who Is Spending What, Where?

Display advertising is set to overtake search in the next five years.

Rising platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram are joining the paid social scene.

Is the future of digital marketing all about video and mobile?

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Make Sure You Are the Headline, Not the Support Act

Paid social can use extremely granular targeting to reach exactly the right people at the right time.

Targeted ad spend amplifies your best performing content, develops your brand and increases your response rate.

Find out 11 ways to target your audience on social.

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Pay To Play

There are sophisticated ad formats to suit every desired outcome.

As platforms update their algorithms, brands’ content must be relevant to their audience.

Can you guarantee your posts will be seen by the people you’re trying to reach, without any ad spend?

Achieving Your Objectives

Whatever your business objectives are, there’s a social ad for you.

Sophisticated ad formats with scalable metrics and payment models mean you can find your groove, if you know which instruments hit the right note.

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Paid Social Working in Concert

Social ads are the biggest gig in social media.

We know that this is a rapidly moving space so we’re always looking at how to integrate paid social into our clients campaigns and brand experiences.

Change The Record

As a social media agency, myclever™ Agency have years of experience to deliver relevant and engaging content rapidly.

We’re equipped to produce rich media and microcontent and manage ad campaigns.

Our team have built great relationships with the social platforms your audiences exist on.

Rock Up and Rock Out With Us – Grab Your Backstage Pass Now

You can download our whitepaper here.

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