Meet myclever™ Agency – Martin Galton

Meet myclever™ Agency – Martin Galton

By myclever™ Agency

Each month, we’ve been providing you with lovely insights into our team. In our 14th instalment, we present Martin; a Senior Social Media Manager at myclever™ Agency.

Job title:

Senior Social Media Manager

Carlton Dance w Will

What that involves:

What doesn’t it involve?

Ensuring social works for all our clients; balancing planning, project management, creative etc.

Balancing Can of Coke

What movie would sum up your life?

I wish it were Wolf of Wall Street but it’s not… so The Inbetweeners? I was definitely an ‘inbetweener’ at school!

Inbetweeners Friend

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

Watch Apple product events (only when they’re on…)

Apple Launch event


If you could give the world one piece of advice what would it be?

Chill out!

Angry Panda

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t be afraid of doing things; what’s the worst that could happen?

Puddle Fail

If members of the team had to sum you up, what would they say?

Hope: “He has a good variety of shirts.”
Adam: “Thinks he knows every-flipping-thing.”
Simon: “Questionable music choices.”

Drop The Bass fish

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