The Best Of Social From Cannes

The Best Of Social From Cannes

By myclever™ Agency

June saw the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Formerly the Advertising Festival, Cannes celebrates the efforts of the creative communications, advertising and media industries.

This year’s week-long festival saw a lot of fantastic entries. 40,133 entries, to be exact.

Among the more popular categories were Cyber and Media, though Print received the most, with over 5,000 submissions.

We’ve had a look at the lucky winners, those concepts that were awarded a Gold Lion or Grand Prix, and cherry picked a few of our favourites.

Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a great example of an organic campaign raising awareness (and money) for a worthwhile cause.

The juries in Cannes agreed, awarding the campaign two Gold Lions in the Branded Content & Entertainment category, as well as the Grand Prix for Good.

The best part about this campaign, in our opinion, was that it relied so heavily on social sharing. Tagging friends, uploading native videos, sharing posts all happened inside Facebook and Youtube. There was minimal spend and massive impact.


How do you stop people skipping your video ads on Youtube?

Most ads can be skipped after five seconds. So Geico made their ads five seconds long. The remaining 25 seconds, if you cared to stick around, were easter eggs of humourous, surreal content.

Geico took home a Grand Prix for Film as well as being shortlisted for Cyber.

Their video ads demonstrated how you can turn an existing digital product’s biggest flaw, and turn it into a strength.

Visit Britain

A fun social campaign from VisitBritain leveraged the largest social network in China, Weibo, to encourage users to give traditional British tourist locations a more fun or thought-provoking Chinese names.

Highlights include renaming Sherwood Forest the Forest of Chivalrous Thieves, and the Shard the Tower to Pluck the Stars.

This effective and socially driven campaign led to an increase in Chinese tourism of (a reported) 27%, winning it a Gold Lion in PR.

Under Amour

The Grand Prix for Cyber, however, went to Under Armour’s provocative I Will What I Want campaign, featuring Gisele Bündchen.

By projecting real tweets over simple footage of the model exercising, Under Armour demonstrated how to integrate social into a high profile, above-the-line ad.


The pizza delivery brand were up to speed with the latest trend when they introduced the Emoji ordering system.

Users who registered their preferred order with the Dominos app could Tweet the brand the pizza emoji to place their order.

This clever little bit of wizardry won the Grand Prix for Titanium and Integrated.


The Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness went to Volvo’s Jon Claude Van Dam ad. You know, the one where he did the splits. Those were Volvo lorries, apparently.

Strictly speaking, there was nothing particularly ‘Social’ about this one, but it did go pretty viral.

The combination of Van Dam nostalgia, a jaw-dropping stunt, and an uncanny (but undeniably suitable) backing track made this ad very watchable, and very creative.

Over To You

What do you think? What are your favourite winners from this year’s Cannes Festival?

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