Twitter Steps Up Its Tracking and Targeting Game

Twitter Steps Up Its Tracking and Targeting Game

By myclever™ Agency

Marketers on Twitter will be able to learn more about their audiences, and promote tweets to their most engaged followers.

Advertisers are being given more information about their audience, and will soon be able to reach only their most engaged followers.

Twitter Personas

Twitter has given us a new toy to play with, to make paid social efforts more efficient.

The recently released Personas feature will provide analysis of the Twitter users that are being reached by ad campaigns and tailored audiences.

The intention is for marketers to be able to glean new insights about their audiences without sacrificing personal privacy, by grouping users into key categories:

Twitter personas


The feature, a new addition to the existing Audience Insights dashboard, has the potential to allow brands to focus their ad spend on exactly the right people.

In this first iteration, e-commerce brands can target the generation(s) that their products resonate(s) with, B2B companies can limit their spend to “business decision makers” while academic/educational brands can make sure only people who have been to college/university see their promoted tweets.

Once you know who you’re reaching, insights include separating reached audience from engaged audience.

This means that content can be optimised to appeal to the people that you’re engaging, once you know what sort of personas they occupy.

Twitter insists this will not conflict with user privacy:

“All information is aggregated, derived from Twitter data sources and matched from our Twitter Official Partners. This lets advertisers see aggregated insights while keeping user information private.”

Engagement Targeting

Working closely with social platforms offers us early access to their products; the Tweet Engagement Targeting feature is in BETA testing right now.

The intention is for advertisers to be able to promote their sponsored tweets specifically to audiences who have previously seen or engaged with organic or promoted tweets from brands.

In three simple steps:


According to Twitter, 95% of people who engage with your tweets visit e-commerce sites for “mass retail and niche categories.” They are also 40% likelier to make online purchases after engaging with a brand’s tweets.

You can see why they’re worth retargeting.

A user that engages with your tweets will be eligible to retarget for 90 days, while those who are only exposed to your content (without engaging) are remembered for 30 days.

Twitter recommends that the follow-up content should include a clear call-to-action, that the content should be different to the tweets previously seen by your engager audience, and that this content should be “sequenced” to guide prospects down the conversion path.

This is especially valuable for marketers carrying out large scale campaigns (integrated campaigns or sponsored trends) because it will allow you to target people who have shown a genuine interest in the brand.

Over To You

What do you think? How would Twitter’s newest features influence your social strategy.

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