Would You ‘Swipe Right’ For Brands On Tinder?

Would You ‘Swipe Right’ For Brands On Tinder?

By myclever™ Agency

One in five of Tinder users engage with brands.

Using the Promoted Profiles feature, brands are able to reach people using the mobile dating app.

According to Tinder’s co-founder, Sean Rad, people ‘swipe right’ to these branded profiles approximately 20% of the time.

However, Tinder hasn’t released more conclusive stats about these engagements.

What Rad has said, speaking at the start of the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival, is that,

“They are there digesting randomised information, so it’s a great environment to introduce brand messages. [The consumer] is in a frame of thought where they’re looking to absorb things.”

A 20% engagement rate is nothing to stick your nose up at. But how are brands making the most of these engaged audiences?

Like any brand engagement, the end-user is looking for a sense of exclusivity. Brands that offer content or offers that can’t be found anywhere else will be converting a Tinder match into a brand advocate.

“It’s about [offering] something raw and new and special. What excites me the most is brands that say they’re going to launch some exclusive piece of content.”

Bud Light

To populate their fictional town of Whatever, USA, beer brand Bud Light approached their target audience on their own terms.

Tinder provided a platform for bud Light to post native video content- a first for the app that only offers users image sharing capabilities. The video offerings are the result of six months of collaboration between Tinder and Bud Light.

Hugh Cullman, director of marketing at Bud Light, said that,

“We haven’t taken our traditional TV commercials and just slapped them on Tinder. We know that would be a poor experience.”

Fans that engage with Bud Light on Tinder are driven to a competition microsite where they can enter.

1,000 lucky winners will be selected from Tinder, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram entrants to attend the Whatever, USA, party with as-yet-unnamed celebrities.

Spy (Twentieth Century Fox)

To promote Melissa McCarthy’s latest comedy, Spy, Twentieth Century Fox took to Tinder.

Profiles featuring characters played by McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law and Rose Byrne appeared to users in May, before the film’s release in June.

Their reward for swiping right? Exclusive sneak-peaks of the film:


Ex Machina

Another film to make the most of Tinder and its users is Ex Machina.

Taking full advantage of Tinder at the SXSW festival in Austin earlier this year, a Tinder profile for the mysterious Ava engaged people who swiped right with a series of philosophical questions.


The above conversation was had by one of AdWeek’s team.

People that followed through the conversation were rewarded with a link to Ava’s Instagram account, which featured just one image and one video – both promoting the film about an artificial intelligence.

Are More Ads To Follow?

Tinder has ambitions of becoming more than a dating app. It’s core proposition, of introducing people digitally, could be shaped into wider functions.

The app’s exact intentions, however, are not yet known.

Over To You

What do you think? Have you spotted any brands on Tinder?

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