Chambord Encourages Fans To #FollowTheFlamingo

Chambord Encourages Fans To #FollowTheFlamingo

By myclever™ Agency

In our weekly round up series, we’re taking a look at Chambord’s #FollowTheFlamingo campaign.



Chambord is an alcohol brand, owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation, that has been producing their raspberry liqueur since 1982.

The spirit is considered somewhat premium, especially as it positions itself as an ingredient in many ‘classy’ cocktails.

The brand has 135,000 Facebook likes, 14,500 Twitter followers, and 2,000 Instagram followers.


FollowTheFlamingo is a social-first campaign that encourages fans of the brand to find their way to selected bars in UK cities such as Glasgow, Manchester and London.

Here, they need to order a Chambord Royale, share a picture of said drink to the Chambord UK Facebook page, and tag the bar in which they ordered it.

In return, users are entered into a prize draw to win a trip for two to Paris, with overnight stay and spending money thrown in for good measure.

The competition runs through August.


While the campaign doesn’t appear to have drastically increased mentions of Chambord across the web, there are noticeable spikes in activity – specifically on the 7th and 17th of august.

These coincide with social posts on Facebook, mentioning the competition.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 16.30.00

The majority of mentions are positive, so we can assume the people who are taking part in the campaign are enjoying their drinks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 16.30.11

Perhaps the lower than anticipated number of mentions can be summed up by the lack of activity on Facebook. Most mentions have been seen on Twitter, a platform that Chambord isn’t leveraging for this campaign.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 16.30.28


Following a rebrand of their social media presence just over a year ago, the majority of the #FollowTheFlamingo content matches the pastel colours and irreverent (and at times random) anthropomorphised animals motif.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 15.17.39

Social posts on Facebook include maps to show participating bars in the cities in question, which are also being served as geo-targeted ads to audiences that match Chambord’s fanbase.

The campaign appears to be exclusive to Facebook, as there are no explicit mentions of it on either the brand’s Twitter or Instagram channels.

Participating bars are also sharing the campaign, as it seeks to drive footfall to stockists across the UK.


On the face of it, #FollowTheFlamingo is a fun and intelligent way of raising awareness of the Chambord brand and product.

By encouraging people to seek out their favourite Chambord-stocking bar, the campaign motivates bars themselves to incorporate the drink into their menus.

They also create flashes of advocacy, as these images will be seen by the fans; friends on social.

However, the campaign hasn’t created a lot of buzz, according to our social listening tech partners Brandwatch.

This might be because they pigeon-holed themselves on Facebook, or because they haven’t created much unique content to support the campaign.

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